My Ultimate Career Goal

Since leaving university earlier this year, I have really had to think about what I want to do as a career. I knew that I wanted to go into post-production so I moved to Bristol as I thought this would enhance my chances of getting a job in that area. However, this didn’t work out for many reasons and I was so happy that I could move back to Norwich. I would still love to work in post-production at some point, but it isn’t my ultimate goal anymore. … More My Ultimate Career Goal

November Reflection

Happy Blogmas! This the first post of December and I will be attempting to participate in Blogmas. I won’t promise that I will keep on top of it but I will try my best. This post is a reflection on November. I felt that last month went by so quickly but maybe that’s because a lot happened.  … More November Reflection

November Favourites

I can’t believe it’s almost December already! This month has flown by but I don’t mind because that means it’s closer to Christmas. This month, I started working at Marks & Spencer in the lingerie department and I am actually enjoying it. This weekend we will be picking up a Christmas tree and enjoying the … More November Favourites