Best Things to do in Stockholm

Hello, everyone! Lately, I have been dreaming of all the places that I hope to visit. I just want to hop on a plane and explore new places. Does anyone else just get the urge to book a random flight to somewhere new? Last year I was fortunate enough to visit Denmark and Sweden so I thought I would share some ideas for things to do in Stockholm if you’re in need of some inspiration. I know now may not be the time to travel with Coronavirus going on a world tour but hopefully we’ll be able to do more travelling in 2021.

ABBA The Museum

I have been dreaming of visiting the ABBA museum for years so of course, this was at the top of my list when we booked our trip to Stockholm. I must admit, this is definitely what I was looking forward to the most and it did not disappoint. The tickets cost 250SEK which is around £20/$26/€24. When you first walk in, they have a ‘Mamma Mia!: Behind the Movie Magic’ exhibition including props, costumes, original scripts, and even behind-the-scenes interviews. I loved every bit of this exhibition, and I feel as though you would appreciate it even if you are not the biggest Mamma Mia! fan. After spending way too long in the exhibition, I carried on to the rest of the museum and it just kept getting better. Not only can see for yourself the gold records, original costumes, and other bits of memorabilia but you can also dance with an ABBA hologram, test your knowledge in quizzes, and sing in a karaoke booth – who wouldn’t love that?

Metro Art Gallery

If you’re hoping to go to Stockholm but you’ll have a tighter budget, I would recommend checking out the Metro. Each stop is decorated in a different theme and has been known as “the world’s longest art gallery”. Over 90 stations have been decorated with sculptures, rock formations, mosaics, paintings, installations, engravings, and reliefs by over 150 artists. Here’s a guide to Art in the Subway to help you plan your trip.

DB82D933-986E-46F2-8C69-E541925D5220Shopping Trip

If you’re a lover of shopping, I would recommend setting aside a day or two just to check out the shops. Whether you’re mad about top designers like Gucci or Louis Vuitton or whether you like high street shops such as H&M or Zara, there will be plenty for you. There’s no denying, Stockholm is a pretty expensive city to visit so it’s worth saving up your pennies before you go. I was mostly excited to visit Sephora as there isn’t a Sephora store in the UK and it did not disappoint. I had to really hold myself back from spending all of my money. 

Royal Palace

There is a lot of history to see in Stockholm, with the Royal Palace being open to the public. There are 5 museums surrounding the Royal Palace for you to learn all about Sweden’s royal family. Whilst at the Palace, you can watch the soldiers parade and the daily changing of the guard. If you love getting souvenirs, I would recommend checking out the souvenir shops around the Palace as they have everything you could ever want. Even if you’re not the biggest history fan, I do believe the Palace has something for everyone as you can even visit the Armoury that contains royal costumes, armour, coronation coaches, and beautiful coaches. 


On our last day, we had a few hours to spare so we decided to visit the Fotografiska (photography museum) and I am really glad that we went. I wasn’t a huge fan of the first floor as I felt it was a bit too ‘artsy’ for my taste. We then went up to the next floor and my opinion completely changed. There are various exhibitions from photographers all over the world and the work is constantly changing so you can keep going back again and again. Also, they have a wonderful restaurant where the food is locally sourced and low-impact to minimise food waste. Who doesn’t love amazing art and delicious, eco-friendly food?

Trying the Local Food

You can’t go to Sweden without trying some meatballs. We went to Meatballs for the People and would 100% recommend visiting there for some high quality meatballs. I love that you can choose the meat that is used for your meatballs and they come served with potato purée, gravy, lingonberries, and picked cucumber.

Another great restaurant we went to is Bastard Burgers which is a growing street food chain. I had the Ayia Napa halloumi burger with red onion, tomato, salad, and jalapeño and honey sauce with sweet potato fries. This was honestly one of the best halloumi burgers I have ever had and I hope Bastard Burgers comes to the UK. There are loads of lovely restaurants around Stockholm, we also went out for Sushi and Italian food and the quality was just so good.

If you’ve been to Stockholm, what was your favourite thing to do? If not, what would you love to do? Let me know in the comments below.

15 thoughts on “Best Things to do in Stockholm

  1. All of these sound like they would be worth the trip but Metro Art Gallery sounds extra lovely. I’m ready to pack my bags now!


  2. This trip sound so informative and an amazing one visit..glad you shared such valuable information with us..great work though…


  3. I’ve never seen this place before but I’am familiar the name because of the money heist but OMG! The place looks really great and beautiful to visit awesome photos!


  4. I love Stockholm, I have been there twice and I would easily go again. The only thing that I missed was the Abba Museum, as the first time I visited it wasn’t even open, and the second time I didn’t have time. I’d love to back and visit it, as I’m a huge Abba fan.


  5. There are actually many things to do in Stockholm. I was in Stockholm for three days, as a guest of one of my favorite cousin, I felt like I was a child gain, the city is always more beautiful there are so many things to visit I have enjoyed myself!


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