My Makeup Palette Collection

Hi, everyone! I was clearing out my makeup drawer the other day and realised that I have quite a lot of different makeup palettes. I have thrown a few away or given them to friends but I still have a lot left over so I thought I’d share the ones that I have chosen to keep. I love a good makeup palette and I definitely cannot resist buying new ones.

So I’ll start with the most recent palette that I bought. Beauty Bay have got 30% off for Black Friday so I couldn’t resist buying another one of their Colour Theory palettes. I already have Origin and I absolutely love it so I decided to buy Evolve this time. Beauty Bay’s Colour Theory palettes have 42 different shades and they are set out in an almost colour-by-numbers layout, check out my review of the Origin palette for more info. Considering these palettes are only £25 each, the shadows are so pigmented and blend so easily. I love both of these palettes so much and would recommend them to everyone as they are perfect for an eyeshadow novice or a qualified MUA. In terms of shadow shades, the Origin palette features a selection of warm and neutral shades, whereas the Evolve palette features softer neutrals and icy pops of colour.

I think pretty much everybody owns the original Naked palette from Urban Decay and I’m so sad that they’re discontinuing it as I feel like it’s such a perfect first eyeshadow palette. The Naked palette isn’t something I reach for daily but every now and then I’ll go back to it and feel a sense of nostalgia. My favourite shades in this palette are Sin and half baked as they are the most gorgeous shimmers. If you haven’t tried the Naked palette yet, I’d try and get it before there aren’t any left. The shades in this palette are cooler toned but it has the most stunning golden browns and pinks. I would recommend spraying your brush with setting spray to get the most out of the shimmers.


Also from Urban Decay, I have the Naked Heat palette and again, I don’t tend to use that daily. The packaging is definitely more durable and travel-friendly than the original Naked palette and there is a larger mirror too. The colours in this palette are a lot warmer, there are loads of reds and browns which is what I usually go for in an eyeshadow palette. I really want to try the Naked Cherry palette but I also really don’t need another eyeshadow palette.

Earlier this year I bought the Makeup Revolution Re-loaded Newtrals 2 Palette for £4 (currently £2.80 on Beauty Bay) and I was kind of mad because it is so similar to the Naked Heat palette but for a fraction of the price. In this palette, you get 15 shades with a mixture of gorgeous burnt oranges, reds, and browns, in a variety of mattes and shimmers. Considering the price, these shadows are so pigmented and very blendable. In all honesty, I do usually choose this palette over the Naked palette.


My last eyeshadow palette is the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Volume III and I think I got it half price in TK Maxx. This palette only has one matte shade and the rest are shimmers but these shimmers are like no shimmers that I’ve tried before. You don’t need any setting spray or eyeshadow primer, they are so pigmented and so beautiful. I know that it’s a bit harder to get Tarte over here in the UK but if you can get access to Tarte then I would 100% try this palette as it is so stunning.


I recently mentioned The Manizer Sisters palette in my favourite highlighters post (currently down to £12 at Debenhams). This palette is by The Balm and includes a highlighter, bronzer, and blusher. I love that this palette is the perfect size for travelling and it is such good quality yet it’s pretty affordable. The Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter is one of my favourite highlighters and probably always will be. I’ve had this for a couple of years now which is probably kind of gross but it’s still going strong and I’ve only just hit pan on the blush.


A palette that I forgot I had is the Soph X Revolution highlighter palette. I’m glad I cleared out my makeup drawer because I had completely forgotten about this but it’s so nice. I’m definitely going to make more of an effort to use different makeup rather than using the same products every day. Anyway, this palette comes with 8 different shades that will suit all different skin tones. I really like that this palette includes pressed and baked highlighters so it will definitely have something for everyone. I kind of just like to mix my brush in all of the shades and hope for the best. If you’re looking for an affordable highlighter, definitely check out Revolution.


I’m nearly at the end. My next palette is the Blushin’ Babes palette by Benefit. This palette is only around £29.50 but it’s worth £97 which is crazy. In this palette, you get 4 blushers (Rockateur, CORALista, Dandelion, and Sugarbomb), the Hoola bronzer, Watt’s Up highlighter, They’re Real! mascara, and a They’re Real! eyeliner. If I’m travelling, I will pretty much always take this with me because the packaging is so sturdy and it has so much in it. Would recommend this palette if you want to try some of Benefit’s products but you’re not sure where to begin.


Last but not least, I’ve got the Imogenation X Revolution Highlight to the Moon palette. Check out my review if you want more info. Basically, this palette includes three powders, three contour shades, and four highlighters. I use this palette pretty much every single day and it is so gorgeous, I can’t believe it’s only £10. I love that this palette will suit pretty much every skin tone and that all of the individual products are such high quality but so affordable.


What’s your favourite palette?

24 thoughts on “My Makeup Palette Collection

  1. You have such a wonderful makeup collection! The only full palette I have is a Victoria’s Secret one that my mom got me years ago for Christmas and I use it now and then when I want something different than my everyday makeup.


  2. Oh I love the Origin palettes!! I didn’t know they had discontinued the Naked palettes, that makes me so sad, I have two and I love them!!


  3. What, they are discontinuing the Naked palette? No way! That’s my favorite palette ever, I use it the most from all my make-up collection. I love the half baked shade as well, especially on smokey eyes.


  4. Love those palettes they are all beautiful and even though I am not a fan of a make up I will still buy this for my sister.


  5. I never seem to buy pallets but I need to change that. I buy the same boring color every time. I’m going to check out the Soph X Revolution highlighter palette. I love the colors.


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