The Best Highlighters

Hello, everyone! It’s that time of year again where everyone is obsessed with all things that glitter and sparkle so I thought I’d share some of my favourite highlighters with you. I love a really glowy look but some days it’s nice to have a more subtle glow so this list will include highlighter you would be able to see from the moon and others that are not quite so blinding – but in a good way. I have really fair skin so these highlighters may not work for everyone, however, I’m sure that the brands that I mention will have different shades for different skin tones. The first highlighter that I absolutely adore is from last year’s Christmas collection by Mac. I believe last year, it was the Snowball collection and this highlighter was at the top of my Christmas list. Not only did this highlighter come in the most beautiful packaging, but the actual product is also so stunning. It is embossed with a gorgeous snowflake and the shade is a shimmery peach with tiny flecks of gold. I believe that this highlighter is the same as the Show Gold Extra Dimension Skinfinish and that costs £25.50 so if you missed the collection last year but still want to try it out, you can. 10749658720_IMG_5796 I have spoken about this highlighter a few times on my blog so it may be no surprise that  Dandelion Twinkle by Benefit is on my favourites list. Benefit is one of my all-time favourite makeup brands so I’m always excited when they release a new product so I had to try Dandelion Twinkle when it was released and I’ve loved it ever since. This highlighter is a little more subtle but I absolutely love it for everyday wear. It’s a gorgeous nudey pink with lots of shimmer and will definitely make your cheekbones twinkle. Again, this highlighter retails for £25.50 so it is quite pricey so I do love it and it lasts a really long time. 10749261936_IMG_5783 If you’re a fan of highlighters then I bet you will have heard of the brand Becca everywhere! For the longest time, I wanted to try Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector highlighters because everyone constantly raves about them so this year I decided to try the Vanilla Quartz. I decided to get the mini version because they are a lot of money and I was a little bit shocked at just how mini it was when it arrived but it is gorgeous. The shade is like a gorgeous white gold with a pink shimmer and it is absolutely stunning. I would love to try more shades, such as Champagne Pop, and Moonstone. The mini version that I bought cost £16 which is really expensive but if you are wanting to spend a bit more money on a makeup product then I would recommend it as it does look stunning on the skin and there are lots of different shades to choose from for different skin tones. 10749237248_IMG_5791 This was one of the first highlighters that I ever bought and I still love it to this day. Mary-Lou Manizer by The Balm is loved by many and it’s no wonder why. I actually have The Manizer Sisters palette so this includes the Mary-Lou highlighter, the Cindy-Lou blush, and the Better-Lou bronzer and they are all so stunning. If I’m ever travelling, this is always the palette that I take with me as it lasts really well and always looks so flawless. I would say that the Mary-Lou highlighter is for fairer skin tones as it is a bright white shade but I love to use this on my brow bones, nose and inner corners of my eyes as well as on my cheekbones. I think I paid around £20 for this when I first bought it but it’s currently on sale for £12 at Debenhams so would highly recommend. 10749326800_IMG_5785 Finally, I thought I’d share a liquid highlighter that I absolutely adore. In the summer I bought the L’Oreal Glow Mon Amour in the shade Sparkling Love and during the summer I loved to mix this in with my foundation for a really glowy look. Now that we’re coming up to winter, I like to put this on before my powder highlighter for a real beaming glow on my cheekbones. The shade is a gorgeous champagne colour and looks so stunning. It blends so easily and a little goes a long way. This highlighter also comes in a darker shade for darker skin tones and only costs £9.99. I’ve had this for about 6 months now and I’m not even halfway through the bottle, this is one that you should definitely try and will work wonders for the upcoming party season.

13 thoughts on “The Best Highlighters

  1. Wow, these are beautiful products to have and I am sure this is something that my sister would love most especially the palette.


  2. I am not a big fan of any cosmetics products but this one is really beautiful and I am sure that this is something that my sister would love to have this Christmas.


  3. I have never tried to use these products and it looks like a good one and I would love to try the Dandelion Twinkle by Benefit.


  4. I recently started using highlighters. Not that I wasn’t a fan , it just that i have not been out much because if work. I love them now


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