YSL All Hours Foundation Review

Hello, everyone! One of my favourite high-end makeup brands is Yves Saint Laurent, and I have loved their foundations for a long time (read my Touche Éclat review here) so when I heard that they were releasing a new foundation, I had to try it. I originally tried a couple of samples to make sure I got the right shade but this was last year and I kind of forgot to actually purchase the full-sized product. However, this year I decided to splash the cash and buy the YSL All Hours foundation.


Yves Saint Laurent always have the most stunning packaging, it makes it feel extra special because it looks so beautiful. This foundation comes in a glass, frosted bottle with the YSL logo embossed into the lid. As the bottle is glass, it may not be the most travel-friendly but that’s not a huge deal to me. I love that the YSL logo is gold, it makes the product look high-end.

If you’ve ever used a YSL beauty product, I’m sure you’ll be familiar with the smell. Honestly, one of my favourite things about YSL products is that they all have the same, fresh smell that makes you feel special for having it in your collection.

With this foundation, you get 25ml per bottle which is a little bit less than standard, as you tend to get 30ml for a foundation and it will set you back £36. Personally, I don’t mind paying the extra money because I know that it will be worth it, but I’m sure there is a drugstore dupe that is cheaper if you don’t want to spend that much money. To apply, I just put a pump or two onto a wet sponge and I then blend it onto my face. You can apply the foundation with a brush for a really full-coverage look but I prefer to use a sponge as it looks more radiant.


So, the All Hours foundation is matte, full coverage and supposedly stays on for 24 hours, and also has SPF 20. I’m not the biggest fan of matte foundations, so I use a wet beauty blender to apply the foundation to give more of a dewy finish. I also use the Mac Fix+ once I have finished my makeup to give my skin a bit of a glow.  As I choose to use a wet sponge to apply foundation, it’s not as full-coverage but it definitely hides all of my blemishes and any dark circles, so that’s a winner for me. It’s like your skin but better.

The All Hours foundation is probably my favourite as it makes your skin look so flawless and it’s just such a lovely product, from the packaging to the actual foundation. For reference, I use shade BR20. I definitely need to try out the All Hours primer as I have heard great things. I would recommend this if you like you have the odd makeup products that makes you feel special when you use it. It does look gorgeous on and it makes you feel good when wearing it.

What’s your favourite foundation?

32 thoughts on “YSL All Hours Foundation Review

  1. I find with my skin tone, there aren’t always shades that fit my complexion without having to blend two shades. If this brand has one shade that would fit the bill, that would make it a definite win for me!


  2. I don’t typically wear foundation but I might need to start because my skin is looking a little uneven. I need to work on that a bit. Thanks for the great review. By the way, I love that candle.


  3. This is a great article. I know my sisters and my wife are all about make-up! I will pass this along to them. Thanks for sharing your tips!


  4. I usually prefer to use medium coverage foundation because I find full coverage makes my skin super oily. This was a great review I will look for samples of this so I can try it out.


  5. Such a great product review. I am not using any foundation but I am looking for something that I need to use and I think this one is perfect for me, I will def check this out and try this product.


  6. I am not using makeup but I can say that this is something that my sister would love. I will share this with her and I am sure she will like it.


  7. It is definitely a great selection of foundation to use. I think matte foundation is better for me and looks so good to apply in your face. I will add this to my list.


  8. This was a nice review, I’ve heard good thing about Yves Saint Laurent so maybe it’s worth a look. In the few instances I’ve worn foundation, I would use NARS or some Mac product. Maybe this could be my new thing.


  9. Thanks for the review! The only YSL makeup I’ve tried before were some liquid lipsticks and I wasn’t a fan at all. Maybe I’ll have to give the foundation a shot!


  10. There is no doubt that Yves Saint Laurent has always stood for quality and I’m sure this foundation would be no different. I have not yet tried their All Hours Foundation but definitely am interested to do so now.


  11. I love using my damp beautyblender to apply foundation, but have found that I wear it less and less, because it tends to settle in the wrinkles. Maybe I haven’t found the right formula for my changing skin.


  12. I have been wanting to try YSL but everytime I go to Sephora there’s never my shade and I don’t want to buy 2 shades LOL! I’ll have to order online. You’re making me waste money LOL! Great post.


  13. I don’t wear foundation usually because of my sensitive skin, but this product looks great 🙂 it looks amazing on you, I wish I could wear it :3


  14. I’ve heard so much about this YSL foundation. My friends using this and introduce to me. I am using Nars foundation but I always wanted to try this


  15. I have never tried the YSL brand but many said that it is a reliable brand to use when it comes to cosmetic products and because of that I am going to check this out!


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