Fashion Tips for Winter

Hello, everyone! Halloween is over so it’s officially Christmas season. Have any of you started listening to Christmas music have? I definitely have been *oops*. It is also freezing cold here in the UK. As soon as the clocks went back, I swear the temperature just dropped and it has been so so cold. I know I have been struggling with the cold weather as I am ALWAYS COLD! So I thought I’d share some tips on staying warm for the winter. It’s basically a follow on from my post transitioning your wardrobe from summer to autumn

0FA6FBA8-8503-4283-8809-AEC26060DC40Invest in a thick coat

There are so many different types of coats these days and it’s so easy to buy a new one each year. However, fast fashion is creating a lot of issues for the planet so investing in a good, thick coat is definitely worthwhile as it will keep you warm and last for a few years. I like to have one casual coat just to go to uni in, and then a nicer coat for when I want to dress up. Also, I’d suggest getting a coat in a neutral colour so it will go with most outfits. Here are some of my faves:

Jack Wills Grey Wool Coat

Topshop Camel Relaxed Coat (this also comes in different colours)

River Island Brown Double Breasted Coat

Layer up

I know some people don’t like to wear coats as you may feel it ruins your outfit or it makes you feel bulky so in that case, layer up as much as possible. If you prefer to wear denim or leather jackets, wear a thick jumper underneath. If you go into any shop these days, they will have any style of jumper in any colour so I’m sure you would be able to find one that suits your style. Also, long-sleeve tops actually keep you really warm and look great with pretty much any outfit. I love to wear a basic long sleeve top with checked or tartan trousers as I think it’s a really cool look. You can get a basic top from pretty much anywhere, my favourite long sleeve tops are from Primark as they are really soft and only cost £6. Here are my favourite trousers to wear with a basic top:

River Island Navy Check Trousers


Don’t be scared of hats

I find that if I keep my head and hands warm, my whole body will feel warmer. I know that wearing big hats and gloves can make you feel like a big blog but you can get some really nice sets around. Apparently, you lose 50% of your body heat through your head so finding a style of hat that you like will keep you a lot warmer. Also, it means you won’t have to wash your hair as often as you can hide it under a hat.

Keep your beauty essentials nearby

I don’t know about you but my hands and lips get so dry in the winter time so I like to make sure I have a good lip balm and hand cream in my bag. It’s also a good idea to keep a spare concealer or lipstick in your bag for a touch up if you need it.

Invest in warm shoes

For me, my feet are always the coldest part of my body and I get so grumpy when my feet are cold so I like to invest in a proper pair of boots to wear. If I know I’m going to get cold, I’ll wear my Timberlands as they are so comfortable but keep your feet so warm. Also, if I’m buying a big pair of boots, I will size up half a size so that I can wear thick socks to keep my toes extra warm. A lot of high street shops are selling some beautiful shoes at the moment and you really don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a nice pair of boots. I’m pretty sure Primark are selling Timberland dupes at the moment so check those out if you don’t have too much money. If you do have a bit of money to spare, I’d recommend either Doc Martens or Timberlands as they will last a long time.


What is your favourite winter outfit?


21 thoughts on “Fashion Tips for Winter

  1. I wish it were as cold as in Mumbai as it is in the UK. We have a sweltering hot weather unfortunately and it is still sundress season 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love everything with your outfit it is so beautiful and really comfortable. I love this season plus listening to Christmas song while taking your coffee.


  3. I am yet to start listening to Christmas music, I prefer the up-tempo, anything less gets me into a depressed mood. I always look forward to the fall season solely for the festivities and layering up!


  4. I actually listen to a Christmas carol since the first day of September. My neighbor started to play those Christmas carol and was able to listen to it every morning and every evening.


  5. Big hats and warm shoes are important to me especially living in Philadelphia now from Florida. I have to shovel snow early in the morning and without them ; not sire what i would do


  6. Very nice outfit – looks good! I definitely need to work better on dressing warmer. I hate the cold weather, but I’m also notoriously bad about dressing appropriately. 10 degrees (F) out? This windbreaker should do! ;P

    But in all seriousness, if you dress warmly the cold weather isn’t that bad at all. Layer up and especially get your hands and feet cozy!


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