Fun Things to do in Brussels

Hello, everyone! I have to say, this post has been in my drafts since I went to Belgium back in January. Because I started a new job, I stopped blogging for a while so I thought it’s about time that I finally shared this.

So I went to Brussels with Dan in January and we stayed for 3 days. We booked the trip very last minute so it was pretty cheap but we had the best time. As we had such a good time, I thought I’d share some fun things to do in Brussels for anyone who is planning on going to Brussels or for anyone who is just interested.

Grand Place

One of the most beautiful parts of Brussels has to be Grand Place, the architecture is so stunning and it is one of the most memorable landmarks in Brussels to there will be a lot of tourists. There are a lot of lovely little shops around Grand Place, such as chocolate shops and lace shops. Also, the infamous Manneken Pis is a short walk from Grand Place as well as a museum full of costumes sent from all over the world for Manneken Pis.


Museum of the City of Brussels

Would it really be a city break if you don’t visit a museum? Well, the Museum of the City of Brussels, located at Grand Place is really interesting and it’s only a few Euros to enter. The museum features various tapestries, sculptures, photos, and even a scale-representation of Brussels during the Middle-Ages. It was definitely interesting to learn more about the history and folklore of Brussels so I would recommend visiting this museum.


Go for waffles

Is it really a trip to Belgium without having waffles? We went to Madame Dandoy, just off of Grand Place and they made the most delicious waffles. I had mine with strawberries and ice cream and I would 100% go back to Brussels just for the waffles. If you’re a big foodie, Brussels is definitely a great place for you as they have so many different kinds of delicious food. However, if you’re on a diet, it may not be the best as you will need a lot of will-power to resist all the chocolate and waffles.


Museum Instruments Museum (MIM)

I’m not too sure how we came across this museum but it was certainly a lot of fun. Apparently, the museum owns over 8,000 instruments which is pretty impressive. So this museum features musical instruments from all over the world but focuses on the Belgian musical history. I have never been to a museum like this before and I do feel like I learnt quite a lot. I particularly enjoyed that you could hear a sample from a lot of the instruments.


Belgian Comic Strip Centre

This was one of the last places that we went to during our trip and it is probably my favourite. Even if you’re not into comic books, this is definitely the place to go as it is so fun. You learn a lot about the history of comic books as well as the process of having to create one. There are also exhibits for Hergé, known for The Adventures of Tintin, and Peyo, known for The Smurfs. This museum is great for children, families, and just about anyone as it is definitely something a little bit different.


European Parliament

I have grown up with a strong interest in politics and I have always wanted to visit the European Parliament in Brussels. When you walk in, they give you an audio guide in your chosen language which makes it really interactive and fun. We actually learnt a lot about the history of UK parliament in addition to various other parliaments around Europe. This is definitely one to visit and was on of my favourite parts of our trip.

Have you been to Brussels before? If you have, let me know what your favourite part of the trip was.


32 thoughts on “Fun Things to do in Brussels

  1. I would definitely want to visit Brussels one day. Of course who would go to Belgium and not at least have their waffles!


  2. A visit to Brussels without trying out their signature waffles is complete! Loved your detailed guide on Brussels


  3. I have not been to Brussels yet. I am planning on going next year. But I have been doing my research. From what people have told me, what I have seen, read both on TA and other web sights in addition to talking to people on the forums here, it looks and sounds like a lovely city that has a lot to offer..


  4. I have never been there but it looks like a nice destination getaway with your family on this coming holiday season and those food looks really delicious.


  5. I hope I can travel there someday. Aside from seeing beautiful places, i love the strawberry waffles too. It looks really yummy!


  6. It is definitely the dream to try proper Belgian waffles and they look like they will not disappoint! This is such a great post for anyone wanting to visit Brussels soon too! It looks like a beautiful place x

    Liked by 1 person

  7. There is so much history in Brussels it would be a wonderful experience to be surrounded by all of it. I can only imagine what it was like to be in the middle of that artistry and architecture.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Brussles is a place I’ve always wanted to see. Didn’t know there was much to do as well! I’ll be sure to add these locations on my list.


  9. Brussels is always a beautiful place in my imagination. I hope i will be there in someday , that must be a memorable experience in life. Btw, Waffles is such a tasty food in Brussels that i must try ^^


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