My University Morning Routine

Hello! I don’t know about you but I’m super nosey so I love reading what people do in the mornings and how they get ready to go out so I thought I would share my morning routine for university. I haven’t had to get up early in almost two months so having to get back into a routine has been quite difficult and I am feeling super drained now. Anyway, here is my morning routine:

I usually set my alarm for around 8am but sometimes I stay in bed until 8:30ish, depending on how tired I am. Since buying an Amazon Echo, I often have ABBA as my alarm and I do find that helps me get out of bed easier as it instantly puts me in a good mood. Usually, I will shower the night before so that I can have longer in bed in the morning. The first thing that I do is get some breakfast, today I had porridge with chia seeds, raspberries and Sweet Freedom Choc Shot. I do like to chill when I have breakfast so sometimes I’ll sit in my dressing gown and watch a YouTube video. However, sometimes I don’t have much time so I have to eat as I’m trying to do my makeup at the same time.

Once I have eaten breakfast, I’ll brew coffee in my cafetiere while I get dressed. I love making my own caramel lattes as it saves a lot of money and I can have them at any time throughout the day without feeling guilty. I recently bought a milk frother and it has already made my lattes 10x better. I would 100% recommend buying a milk frother if you like a big coffee in the morning. If I’m running out of time, I’ll put my coffee in a big cup and take it with me on the tram to uni.

While I’ll wait for my coffee, I’ll try and decide what to wear for the day. The thing I hate about not being at school or having a uniform is that I actually have to decide what to wear every day. Usually, I’ll be at uni all day so I’ll choose something comfortable like jeans and a jumper.

When I eventually decide what to wear, I’ll do my makeup. I’ll admit, I do like to wear a full face of makeup every day so this is probably what I’ll spend most of my time doing. I also like knowing that my house is tidy so I’ll make the bed and put spare clothes and makeup products away whilst I put my makeup on. Once I’m ready, I’ll go through what I’m doing for that day to make sure I’m ready and organised.

Finally, I’ll check I’ve got everything in my bag, check my I’ve got my coffee, and keys. If I’ve got a bit of time, I like to chill on my phone for a bit to check emails and my plans for the day and then I’ll just get the tram to uni.


What’s your morning routine like?


16 thoughts on “My University Morning Routine

  1. I work from home so my morning routine is pretty much enjoying a coffee in bed and then going downstairs to my computer. Not much going on during mornings in my life 🙂


  2. I know what you mean about being nosey about other people’s routines! Yours sounds good, apart from mine would involve tea instead of coffee!


  3. Sometimes the best way to have a productive morning is to get a head start on it the night before. Many productivity experts and successful people spend their evenings preparing for the next day because it makes their mornings free to get an early start on important work.


  4. Thank you for sharing us your daily living. I don’t really have a daily routine, but it looks like a great way to start the day right.


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