My Capsule Wardrobe

Hello! Since having more of my own money this year, I have bought A LOT of clothes. I recently decided that I’m going to stop buying clothes for the foreseeable future and instead, I’m going to focus on the clothing items that I already have so that I can reuse them with different outfits.

Over the past year, my weight has changed quite a lot, which meant that my style also changed so that’s probably why I have bought so many new clothes this year. I may also have a slight shopping addiction, but shopping is just so much fun and who doesn’t love a bit of retail therapy? I thought it would be fun to look through all of my clothes and curate a capsule wardrobe. For those of you that don’t know, a capsule wardrobe is a collection of a few essential items that don’t really ever go out of fashion and you keep them for years and years so you can use them with multiple different outfits.

Here is my capsule wardrobe:

So the first item in my capsule wardrobe is a pair of blue skinny jeans. This particular pair of jeans is my all-time favourite Jamie jeans from Topshop and these cost £40. You can pair skinny jeans with anything and you can wear them all year round. I have to say, I have been super into girlfriend fit or mom fit jeans lately but I don’t think they will wear as well as skinny jeans. At this time of year, I love to pair these jeans with a super slouchy and comfy jumper to keep me warm but you could honestly wear them throughout the winter and then through the summer too. My favourite thing about the Jamie jeans is that they are pretty stretchy, making them more comfortable and they are high waisted so they will hide my food baby. You can also buy these jeans in pretty much any colour, so if blue is a bit basic for you then check out the different colours on the Topshop website.

topshop 2

8848016-1-whiteThe next item that I would include is a white tee. A basic white tee is timeless, it will never go out of fashion and it is so versatile. I love wearing a white t-shirt with skinny jeans and a denim jacket for a super casual but put-together look. My favourite white tee is the ASOS Design crew neck t-shirt as it’s super soft and comfortable. I really love tucking a basic t-shirt into mom style jeans as I feel that it’s a super cute look. I find that a basic tee is good all year round as you can wear it on its own in the summer but it’s also really great for layering in the winter.


Another piece that will stay in my wardrobe is a denim skirt. Denim skirts are very in fashion at the moment but I can see them staying in fashion for the foreseeable future. At the moment, you can pick up a denim skirt in any print whether that’s checkered, snake print, or just a bold colour. I absolutely love wearing denim skirts throughout the year. I love wearing a denim skirt in the spring/summer with a crop top and sandals, or with a jumper and boots in the winter. My favourite denim skirts are from Topshop as they fit my waist as well as my bum (which is rare).


Next up in a long sleeve top. You can’t go wrong with a long sleeve top, especially at this time of year. Although you may not want to wear one throughout the summer, it will last you for years to come as it won’t go out of fashion. I would keep this black ribbed long sleeve top that is from Primark as you could wear it casually or for businesswear. The good thing about wardrobe staples is that you can get them for a really affordable price from pretty much any high street store. This particular long sleeve top is from Primark and I bought it for only £6 which I think is a pretty good bargain.



I think that investing in a good jacket is really important as they can last you for years and years. At this time of year, I love wearing a leather jacket as I find it goes with pretty much anything and it actually keeps you warm. I love that you can wear leather jackets really casually with a pair of jeans, or you can wear it with a smarter outfit for a night out. I love denim jackets too but I think that a good leather jacket will last you longer and you can wear it with a wider variety of outfits.




The last item on my list is a good mini skirt. I’m aware that different styles suit different people but my personal favourite is an A-line skirt as I find it to be the most flattering. I think that an A-line skirt suits pretty much every body type as it cinches your waist but is looser on your hips and legs, giving the illusion of a smooth hourglass figure. I am not a bodycon fan so I will always opt for an A-line skirt and I know that this style of skirt will stay in fashion for a long, long time.


What would you have in your capsule wardrobe?


16 thoughts on “My Capsule Wardrobe

  1. A good pair of jeans will take you far! And white shirts never go out of style. I haven’t worn in mini skirt for ages, but that’s a fun idea with tights!


  2. This is so lovely! How I wish I was as talented and could pull off such a look. I love the outfit it fits together really well. Love the trend mix too.


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