Autumn Fashion: Transitioning your Wardrobe

Happy autumn boys and girls! If you haven’t already guessed, I am so excited for autumn to come as it is my favourite time of year. I love that the weather is cooler, I love the fashion, I just love the cosiness of autumn. I know for myself, I sometimes struggle with inspiration for transitioning my wardrobe from summer fashion to autumn fashion. If like me, you’re struggling to find that inspiration, I have come up with some tips to get you ready for autumn.

Add tights7587856336_IMG_5515

If you’re not ready to say goodbye to those summer dresses, try adding a pair of opaque tights for extra warmth. If you’re not a fan of wearing plain black tights, you can get a pair in just about any colour or design to fit your style. The best thing about tights is that you can often choose the thickness and they aren’t very expensive at all. I usually just get tights from Primark, but you can get them from just about any store. To me, autumn fashion is burgundy jumpers, cute skirts, tights, and boots. If you’re not a huge fan of tights, leggings are also a good choice.

Wrap up in scarves

For me, feeling cold around my neck is awful so I find that scarves are essential. My collection is scarves is neverending but you can never have too many scarves. I feel like scarves add a lot to an outfit and I often like to wear a bright scarf with an all-black outfit for more of a statement accessory.

Experiment with trousers

I don’t know about you, but I know that I just automatically turn to jeans in autumn but I think I’m going to try experimenting this year. If like me, you stick to your trusty pair of jeans, I’d suggest trying different styles of trousers. Trousers are really popular at the moment, so whether you more of a cigarette person, or more or a flare person, I bet there is a style of trousers that you will love. I haven’t quite got on board with wearing wide, flared trousers but they do suit a lot of people and are really on trend at the moment. the good thing about trousers is that you can keep them super casual or you can dress them up for a formal event or a night out.


Autumn is all about layering. One of my favourite ways to layer up is to add a chunky knit cardigan over a dress, as you still get that cute vibe but you’re nice and warm. Investing in a good quality jacket is such a good idea, as you can wear t-shirts and jumpers underneath it. As it is just starting to get colder, I have been wearing a leather jacket pretty much every day as it goes with almost any outfit and also makes you feel a bit cooler. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good leather jacket?


Ankle Boots

One of my favourite things about autumn is being able to get my ankle boots out again. The best thing about ankle boots is that they go with pretty much any outfit and they keep your feet nice and toasty. I love wearing heeled Chelsea boots as I’m not the tallest and they never really go out of fashion so they will last you a long time.

What’s your favourite thing to wear in autumn?


35 thoughts on “Autumn Fashion: Transitioning your Wardrobe

  1. I love adding layers during the cooler months! It is a great way to help me wear majority of my wardrobe all year round. Tights are something I definitely need to repurchase for the coming months, and I probably need to never purchase a scarf again. I’m literally running out of room to store them. Amazing tips!

    Ashlee |


  2. I enjoy layering skirts and dresses with warm leggins. I am excited about getting to wear sweaters again as well!! Never a big scarf person until it is super cold, but perhaps I should get a few fun ones and I might change my mind.


  3. I’m very much at the “add tights” stage right now. I’m not missing the stifling, constant heat we had for a few weeks over the summer, but I do miss the sunshine!


  4. This is so lovely! How I wish I was as talented and could pull off such a look. I love this outfit it fits together really well.


  5. I put away my summer clothing and get out cold weather dresses, tights, scarves and boots. I love fall fashion and accessories!


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