Revolution X Imogenation Highlight to the Moon Review

Hello, everyone! I thought that I would review the Revolution X Imogenation Highlight to the Moon palette for you. Imogenation has been one of my favourite YouTubers for a little while now, she posts hauls, storytimes, tutorials etc. I would definitely recommend checking out her channel as she is so funny and seems like such a lovely person. When I heard that Imogen was creating two palettes with Revolution, I couldn’t wait to try them out. Revolution is a really affordable brand but their products are always such high quality. If you are in the UK, you can shop Revolution in any Superdrug store, or on the Superdrug website. If you’re not from the UK, I believe you should be able to shop on the Revolution Beauty website.


Imogenation and Revolution released two palettes at the end of last month, the first one is an eyeshadow palette (I haven’t tried this yet), and the second is a face palette that includes 6 contouring, setting, and bronzing shades, and 4 highlighter shades. The face palette is the one that I will be reviewing today. Considering this palette only costs £10, I think that you get quite a lot for your money as this is pretty much all you need for your face, in terms of powder products. I also love the packaging, it’s a sort of purple pearlescent colour which makes it look so much more expensive than what it actually is. You also get a massive mirror which I think is a huge bonus as this palette would be so good for travelling with. If I ever need a mirror, I usually just grab this palette because of how big the mirror is.

The three powders on the top row are perfect for setting any liquid or cream products. The three powders you get are Pretty Heart (pink underdone), My Gayl (yellow undertone), and Cayooott (more of a golden undertone). I have been using Pretty Heart and My Gyal (mixed together) as setting powders and Cayooott as a bronzer. I find that Pretty Heart and My Gyal are really great for brightening your under eyes and they also stop any creasing. I love that there are three different setting powders with different undertones as it should appeal to all skin tones. The powders don’t feel drying at all yet it still mattifies your face, leaving your skin looking flawless.

I have been looking for a decent contour for the longest time, and now I’ve got three. The three shades are Warrior, Literally, and Can’t Deal. Can’t Deal is probably a bit too dark for me when I don’t have any tan on, but I love to mix Literally and Warrior together for the perfect contour shade. I love that these contours are cool toned so you’re not left looking like a streaky, muddy mess. As I said earlier, I like to use Cayooott as a bronzer and it looks really nice over the top of the contour shades. I honestly use these every day and I would be happy paying £10 just for the contour, so this palette is a huge bargain.

Lastly, you’ve got the four highlighter shades. The first highlights shade is called Limited Edition and this is a bright, pearly white colour. The second is Slay My Life and you actually get two different shades in this pan, they’re both more golden so would suit deeper skin tones. Finally, we have Angelface which is more of a champagne colour. My favourites are the two Slay My Life shades as they are more subtle for everyday use, and look lovely over the top of a liquid highlighter. If I am planning on going out or fancy wearing a bit more makeup, Limited Edition, and Angelface are beautiful. They give you the most gorgeous glow, a glow that you cannot miss. I like to use Angelface in my inner corners, on my brow bone, and on my nose for a really highlighted look. The best thing about these shades is that there’s no chunky glitter and they are easy to blend out so you’re not left with any harsh lines. You honestly cannot go wrong with this palette. I also find that these highlighters work so well with the contour shades, I would happily repurchase this palette.


I would recommend the Highlight to the Moon palette to anyone, it is so easy to use and such good quality. You know that Imogen has put her heart and soul into her palettes and it has definitely paid off. Whether you’re new to makeup, or whether you’ve been playing around with makeup for years, this palette is for anyone and I cannot recommend it enough.


Have you tried either of the Imogenation X Revolution palettes? Let me know your thoughts down below.

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