August Favourites

I can’t believe that it has been 6 months since I last wrote one of these posts. This year has gone way too quickly, it’s actually kind of terrifying. However, this month has been really good. To start off with, I left my drop so that I could move in with my boyfriend in Nottingham ready to start my postgraduate degree, and I got to go on holiday to Zante with two of my friends.

Although August was very busy, I have put together a list of some of my favourite items and thought that I would share them with you.

So my usual go-to foundation has been the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Foundation in the shade 150. However, I recently discovered the RevolutionPro Foundations Drops in the shade F3. This foundation still looks like skin, rather than leaving you looking like a cakey mess and you only need a couple of drops to cover your whole face. In addition, the Revolution foundation is medium to full coverage and it gives you a lovely, dewy finish and the price is also a huge bonus. The Revolution foundation costs £7 and you can purchase it in any Superdrug store or on the Superdrug website. I would definitely recommend checking out this foundation as it is so flawless-looking, at a great price.1B38D30D-7CF3-4ABE-9125-D1973D9CDC03

This item is actually something that I picked up at the airport. As our flight was delayed, we had a bit of time to kill before boarding our plane so we decided to check out The Body Shop.  The Coco Calming Face Mist was so nice to have when I was on holiday as you could spray it when you needed to cool your face down and it smelt of coconut – so nice. I love that this product is vegan as you know it is cruelty-free and no animals were harmed. I’ve used this so many times but it still looks as though it’s barely been used so I think it is definitely worth the £6. This spray feels so calming and soothing, it is definitely a summer must-have.


So when I was at the airport, I also picked up the Banana Body Yogurt from The Body Shop for £8.50. I love banana flavours and scents, I don’t know why but I always gravitate towards products that have a banana flavour or smell so when I heard about the new banana range at The Body Shop, I couldn’t wait to try it out. I love to use this as a moisturiser after a shower as it not only smells so good, but it makes your skin feel so incredibly soft. I’m kind of gutted that this range is a limited edition as it’s probably my favourite range from The Body Shop.


F13B8D67-ABE5-450F-BCF8-26C5A1FDC181Over the past few months, I have bought a lot of new clothes and instead of boring you with all of my latest purchases, I thought that I’d pick my favourite clothing item. I am a huge fan of denim mini skirts as they are so versatile and I find that they suit my figure. When I saw this raspberry coloured skirt in Topshop, I couldn’t stop myself from buying it. I think this colour is so beautiful and is a great colour for transitioning from summer to autumn. You could wear this with a white crop top and sandals in the summer but you could also pair it with a cosy jumper, tights, and boots for autumn.

With skirts,  I always struggle to find one that fit both my waist and my hips as my waist is a lot smaller than my hips but this skirt fits perfectly and I bought it in a size 6. This skirt comes in a variety of colours and costs £29 which I think is quite decent for a good quality denim skirt. It also comes with a matching jacket if you’re into a good co-ord.

As I said earlier, I recently went on holiday with two friends so of course, that has to be included in my August Favourites. I won’t go into too much detail as I did write a whole post about it at the start of the week so click here if you want to read more. The three of us went to Zante for a week and we had so much fun. I highly recommend visiting Zante if you’re looking for a fun, but relaxing week away.


I also mentioned that I have just moved out so the last few things are all related to that. I have been excited to decorate my own place since I was about 10 years old so I have been planning and planning how I could decorate our flat from the moment we decided to move in together. Obviously, furniture is what we needed to focus on but I also knew that I wanted to have lots of plants for decoration. I recently went to a Next home store and found a beautiful pot filled with different succulents for £22 and I fell in love. It looks perfect in the middle of our bookshelf in the living room, I just need to find some more plants to keep it company.


The next home item that I have been loving is the Fresh Grapefruit Diffuser from The White Company. My nan actually bought this for me for my birthday and I am so grapeful hehe. Seriously though, it smells so good and goes perfectly with the matching candle. It is my favourite scent to wake up to so I keep this in our bedroom and I honestly may have to repurchase this when it runs out. The fragrance lasts a long time and I have not grown bored of it yet but you can use fewer reeds if you want the scent to be more subtle.


My last favourite for August has to be our flat. I am so in love with this little flat that we get to call ours. It’s so spacious and modern on the inside, yet the building looks like a beautiful, old church. My favourite room is our bedroom as it’s so cosy and I finally get to have a desk for all of my makeup but I think our living room might be my favourite when our sofa arrives. I love that I can see the trees blowing in the wind when I wake up and I love how close we are to the city centre. Also, after spending a year of seeing each other every 5 weeks or so, I love that we get to wake up together.

I hope you all have a wonderful September and good luck to all of you who are going back to school/college/university.

20 thoughts on “August Favourites

  1. The raspberry coloured skirt is really cute, love this coloured as I usually prefer bright color as my skin is quite fair. I agree it suit you figure so well and can be versatile too.


  2. I love those succulents (and the pot is pretty cute too). Oh, and the banana body yogurt looks pretty cool too. Thanks for sharing tips 🙂


  3. Wow, sounds like a great products and that banana body yogurts sounds really intriguing for me. I will check that out at the market and will try to use that to see the results.


  4. OoooO! Banana!! That sounds amazing! I’m going to have to check out that brand and see if I can use their products because I LOVE banana!


  5. I always enjoy reading bloggers favorite things at the end of the month. Because usually if there is something that I want and you give it a good review then I can tell the fiance’ that a friend has it and she loves it! Sneaky, I know. I would be interested in try the Coco Calming Face Mist. I see that it worked for you but I am kind of a skeptic. The Banana Body Yogurt sounds interesting too. It drives me crazy when products are named something you could eat. Thanks for the blog post!


  6. You always post items I seem to never notice or over look. Like the banana conditioner I would love to try, I’m mean who doesn’t love bananas.


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