Benefit BADgal Bang Review

So it’s been a while since I last posted on here. I just started a new job so I’m trying to get into a routine and I think I’m finally getting used to working full time whilst continuing my hobbies. Anyway, unless you have been living under a rock for the past month, you will know that Benefit recently released a new mascara called BADgal Bang. Anyone who knows me knows that I love Benefit so of course I had to buy this new mascara and put it to the test. However, I did only buy the mini version for £10.50 rather than the full-size version at £21.50 in case I wasn’t a huge fan of it.


Benefit claim that this mascara is able to last for up to 36 hours which, in itself is a pretty bold claim. I don’t think I’m prepared to test that claim, however, there are plenty of people on the Internet who have tested that so I’m sure you can find a YouTube video or blog post specifically about that.

First of all, can we just take a moment to appreciate how cool the packaging is? It’s kind of like rubber and it’s just a matte black colour. The brush is sort of triangular with longer bristles at the top which I love as it means you can get every single lash. I wanted to use this mascara a few times before reviewing it as I find that new mascaras can be quite thick and clumpy the first time you use them so I’ve actually had this since it came out at the beginning of February.


I think it’s safe to say that I am obsessed with this mascara. I love the They’re Real mascara so I had really high hopes for this, especially after everyone created so much hype around Benefit’s mysterious new launch. The photo below shows how my lashes look after one coat of the BADgal Bang mascara. I instantly noticed the difference in length and volume as my lashes looked so long and thick without being clumpy. If you want a mascara that is properly black then this mascara is for you as it is definitely jet black. Apparently, this mascara contains aero-particles meaning that it so light yet it performs so well. Also, if you struggle with keeping your lashes curled all day then this mascara is AMAZING for keeping them curled. If you’re after a mascara that is more natural looking then I would probably avoid this and try the Benefit Roller Lash instead but this is perfect for me. If I am going on a night out, I find that I don’t even need to wear false lashes as you can build this mascara up to look very dramatic and gorgeous. If you’re applying this for the first time and it gets a bit clumpy, I’d recommend brushing the clumps out with a spoolie and it will create a much wispier look.  I find it hard to be wowed by a mascara as I never usually find one that is outstanding to me but this is definitely one that impressed me and one that I will be using again and again.


This is probably one of my favourite mascaras of all time and I will definitely be repurchasing this when it runs out. Have you tried the BADgal Bang?

25 thoughts on “Benefit BADgal Bang Review

  1. I hardly use any mascara as my eye lashes are just too short but looking at your picture, make me think is time to get this product and give it a go. Look perfectly natural, really what I wanted.


  2. I enjoyed reading this! I feel like I got to know you a little bit. The last picture showing how the mascara looked on you is what really sold it for me. Thanks for your feedback! I will definitely look into this mascara.


  3. The Benefit Badgal Bang mascara looks really great. I like the unique packaging and your lashes look really lifted and full.


  4. I am glad you are getting into the routine with your new job. I have not tried this mascara yet but have heard some great things. After reading your review, I would love to check it out.


  5. Thanks for sharing your honest review of this product. I am planning to buy a new mascara and this looks really interesting to try.


  6. I am actually looking forward to trying this mascara out, as it will come with a subscription box that I get every month, in March. It’s so exciting that it’s so good and I love how it looks on your eyelashes. Can’t wait to test it myself.


  7. I am still on the fence whether I should get it or not. I do *need* a powerful very black mascara because my lashes are awfully short and sparse and I like to wear bold eyemakeup. However, the price draws me back a little, as I go through mascara like you wouldn’t believe… at the end of the year that makes a whole budget!… or rather a hole in the budget…


  8. I have been seeing this mascara around for awhile. I had been hesitant to buy because I am more a Too Faced kinda gal, but your eyes look amazing! I think this may be a contender especially at that price.


  9. I guess I have been living under a rock lately, lol. But now that I know of this product, I’ll let my sister know about it, too, for she’s fond of wearing mascara! And the packaging is indeed awesome!


  10. I love mascaras so much. It’s ridiculous the amount that I have. I love the shape of this brush and how long it appears. Looks perfect for getting those pesky lashes at the inner point of the eye.


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