A Full Face of Benefit Makeup


Some of you may know that Benefit is one of my favourite makeup brands and I will keep repurchasing because I know that their products work and are of great quality. I thought it would be fun to try a full-face of Benefit makeup to see how well the products work together and what it would all look like in the end. There were a couple of products that I don’t have such as foundation, powder and lipstick but everything else is Benefit. The main reason that I don’t have a Benefit foundation is that their lightest shade is too dark for my skin and I find that it makes me look a little cakey and orange so instead, I used the YSL Touche Éclat foundation. I also used the Maybelline Master Fix setting powder and a YSL Tatouage Couture lipstick.

After I applied my foundation, I used the Boi-ing Airbrush concealer in shade 1 under my eyes to conceal any darkness. This concealer is sheer to medium coverage so it won’t cover everything, but you can build it up for more coverage. This isn’t my favourite concealer in the world, but it does feel nice and creamy to apply and it doesn’t crease that easily. The airbrush concealer went on well over my foundation and it didn’t feel too dry. After I applied the concealer, I went on to use a setting powder to ensure that everything stays in place.


A while ago, Daniel bought me the Blushin’ Babes set which contains a Hoola bronzer, Watt’s Up! highlighter, They’re Real! mascara, They’re Real! eyeliner, Rockateur blush, Dandelion blush, Coralista blush and the Sugarbomb blush. I use this set practically every day as it includes some of my favourite products, this is also great for travelling as you don’t need to take as many different products with you and it comes in a very sturdy case.. Firstly, I used the Hoola bronzer to give some colour to my cheeks. This is probably my favourite bronzer, I use all the time. I then dip my brush into all of the blushes and swirl it across the apples of my cheeks. These look great together and individually and they also smell amazing. 4.jpg5.jpg

One of my favourite steps of my makeup routine is applying highlighter, the brighter, the better. Today, I used the Dandelion Twinkle which is a fairly new product from Benefit and is slightly more subtle but I love wearing it when I don’t really have much planned and I’m wanting to be a bit more casual. Dandelion Twinkle is a pale pink colour and I love pairing it with a liquid highlighter to add a brighter sparkle, however, it looks great on its own if you’re after a natural glow.



Benefit are renowned for their fantastic brow products and honestly, the Goof Proof pencil is one of my holy grail items. Benefit also offer fantastic Brow services such as a wax and tint. As I have recently had my brows waxed and tinted, I used the Goof Proof pencil to add a little bit of colour and to fill in any sparse areas. I love this product as it is so creamy to apply and is easy to wipe off the skin if you make any mistakes. This product is great for creating a better brow that looks completely natural. I use the shade 3 as it perfectly matches my hair and adds a little bit of warmth to my brows. If you have quite thick brows, I would recommend the Precisely My Brow as it is a much thinner pencil so it’s great for adding definition.


I love Benefit’s eyeshadows but I don’t think many people know about them. A couple of years ago, I bought the World Famous Neutrals palette and it is certainly well-loved. This palette includes two creaseless cream shadows, R.S.V.P. (a pinky, champagne colour) and no pressure! (a browny, purple colour)  in addition to four powder shadows, call my bluff (off-white), thanks a latte (brown shimmer), pinky swear (pale pink), and quick, look busy (dark brown). Today, I used R.S.V.P. all over my lid and then thanks a latte in my crease to add definition. Finally, I used call my bluff in the centre of my lid to make my eyes look a little bigger and wider. I love this look as it is fairly natural but also includes a little sparkle.


I do not get on with the They’re Real! eyeliner as I find that it drags a lot and can be difficult to use, also the one that I own has dried up so I couldn’t use it for this post. I also have a bit of a love-hate relationship with the They’re Real! mascara and at the minute, I am loving it. This mascara adds a lot of length and volume to your lashes but it can be a bit clumpy so it definitely isn’t for everyone. I love using this mascara when I’m not wearing eyeliner as it can make your lashes look amazing. I also love this mascara in brown as it is more natural.


Here is the final look, let me know what you think down below.




34 thoughts on “A Full Face of Benefit Makeup

    1. Oh noo, I’m sad for you 😢 no, that’s not stupid. I don’t think many people know about they’re eyeshadows as they’re not talked about much but they are great quality xx


  1. The final looks is amazing! quite subtile! I had tried a mascara from benefit but didn’t really like it. Maybe i choose the wrong one


  2. I need to say, haven’t heard anything about goof proof! I really like to see how to test the cosmetics and that you are happy with the brand. I like the eye shadows a lot! Would love to try them out oneday 🙂 They all create the natural and beautiful look!


  3. I’m still in awe of the goof proof brow, and I must say that it looks fantastic. The makeup is mute enough for me to work with and I love the cover on the blushin’ babe.


  4. What a lovely look! You did a fantastic job. I’ve never heard of Benefit makeup before. I’ll have to check them out.


  5. I have never heard of the Benefir makeup line but I’m loving some of the colors in the palettes you have shared. Beautiful!


  6. I think you look absolutely beautiful! I need to step up my makeup game so appreciate the product recommendations.


  7. I’ve heard really good things about this brand! I have yet to try it or get anything of it. I will have to get it when I am done with the make up I have now. Thank you for sharing!


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