December Favourites

Blogmas Day 23!

I cannot believe Christmas is in two days – how crazy? Are you excited? I hope you all have the most amazing time full of good food and fun times with your family and friends. This month has completely flown by – probably due to the madness around Christmas, however, it has been a good month and as December is coming to a close, I thought I would share some of my favourite things from this month.

I have quite thick and frizzy hair so I have been looking for something to keep my hair under control. After browsing Superdrug, I decided to try the Argon Oil of Morocco Weightless Dry Oil and my hair has never been so soft and shiny. I spray this on my hair whilst wet and then comb it through to ensure that it is spread from my roots to the ends of my hair. You can also spray this onto dry hair for a bit of a refresh.



So I have mentioned this lipstick quite a lot but honestly, this is my new favourite lipstick. This is the L’Oreal Colour Riche matte lipstick in 430. I adore the colour of this lipstick as it is so gorgeous for this season and I much prefer a berry lip to a red lip. I would really recommend this lipstick because it lasts for so long and that is rare with a dark lipstick.



I recently mentioned this in my December Makeup post as this is a fairly recent purchase. The Dandelion blush from Benefit is one of my all-time favourites blushes so I knew I had to try the Dandelion Twinkle highlighter. I love to use this every day as a subtle, natural glow with pink undertones. If I am creating a heavier makeup look then I like to build this up by putting it over a cream highlighter for a more intense glow.


Since starting at M&S, I have been eyeing up the dressing gowns but I wanted to wait until I got my staff discount to purchase one. I decided to buy the Rosie for Autograph shimmersoft Dressing Gown in purple. I absolutely love this dressing gown and it honestly makes me smile every time I put it on because it is just so cosy and soft. Everyone needs a big, fluffy dressing gown in their life and I am obsessed with mine.


Earlier this month, I ordered a dress from Missguided and although the dress wasn’t a hit, I received a sample for a moisturiser in my parcel. The sample was for the Garnier Pure Active Sensitive Anti Blemish moisturiser and as soon as I tried it, I just had to go out and buy it. I love the feel of this moisturiser as it doesn’t feel too sticky but it feels so refreshing and soothing. My skin has never been so good as it has been since using this product.


So I found this scarf in River Island at the beginning of October but I couldn’t really justify buying a new scarf so I added it to my Christmas wishlist. I love the colours in this scarf, it’s so beautiful and I often wear a lot of similar colours so it goes well with the rest of my wardrobe. I love wearing this scarf, especially on colder days because it is so thick and soft that it keeps you so toasty.


I am a huge fan of Ricky Gervais and after re-watching The Office for the 7th time, I thought that I should try Extras so I did and I loved it. Extras follows the lives of Andy Millman, his friend Maggie Jacobs, and Andy’s substandard agent Darren Lamb as Millman muddles through life as an anonymous “background performer” who eventually finds success as a B-level sitcom star. This show makes me laugh so much and is definitely something that I will watch over and over again.Extras_title_card

What are your favourites for December?

16 thoughts on “December Favourites

  1. These are awesome faves for the month. But that scarf from River Island is amazing! I’ve been so busy with December and all the craziness of Christmas, I haven’t even had a chance to really make a mental list of my faves. I’ll be sure to start taking note in January! 🙂


  2. Each product displayed in your post is well thought of from utility point of view. Few products as mentioned in your post I already use now in chilly cold.


  3. Thanks a lot for sharing this lovely post.. i just love your photography… its just amazing ….
    I really loved all the products you mentioned above


  4. I’m not sure if Singapore has this particular product from Garnier! I’ve never seen it in a white packaging before! Will be searching for it and hope I find it soon~ Fingers crossed!


  5. I need to try that Loreal lipstick. My favorites are Eucerin dermopurify serum for acne, Vichy aqualia serum, Vichy dermablend foundation and urban decay basics palette!

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