2017 Goal Rewind

Blogmas Day 16!

I am not one for making New Year resolutions but I do like to set myself goals that I hope to achieve by the end of the year. Last year, I posted a list of goals that I hope to achieve for 2017 so I thought it would be a fun idea to look back at those and see whether I managed to do what I had set out to.

My first goal was to become more organised. My brain is one giant mess that I am constantly trying to wade through the mess to find the information that I need so I really needed to improve my organisation skills. During university, my organisation improved a lot and I never missed a deadline, however, I feel that I have started to slack again so this is something that I will always need to try hard at. To work on my organisation skills, I would create lots of lists, both mentally and physically. I would set reminders on my phone and also ask others to remind me of things that I needed to do.

My next goal was to graduate with a 2:1 with honours and I did just that. In September, I graduated from the University of Lincoln with a BA (Hons) in Media Production. It wasn’t easy in the slightest but I worked so hard to graduate with a good grade and I am proud of what I achieved. I had the best time in the final year of university and as strange as it is, I actually enjoyed writing my dissertation. The thought of writing 10,000 words terrified me as I had barely started this time last year but somehow I managed to interview the head commissioner of BBC Three and receive a first. I loved graduation and seeing all of my friends walk across the stage after three years of hard work. I miss everyone so much.IMG_5792.JPG

2017-05-06 17.53.07

My third goal for 2017 was to stop stressing so much and I think I will always be someone who stresses a lot. I have become a lot better at taking things as they come rather than worrying about every little detail. I have been caught up in some bad situations this year so I have had some stressful times but during my final months of university, I was pretty chilled and surprisingly not as stressed as I thought I would be. I am proud of how I managed my work in my final semester and how much I have changed through living independently and overcoming my fears and anxieties.

My next goal was to start freelancing. I have done a couple of freelance jobs this year, however, I hope to do more in 2018. I started off by freelancing as a videographer for the Lincoln Japan Festival 2017 and have since done some work for Norwich Fitness Club. I love working as a videographer so, in 2018, I will be working on properly starting up as a business and getting some clients.

My fifth goal was to save up for somewhere to live after graduating. As a student, I had no extra money as I had to put money towards my Peru trip and it was totally worth every penny. I started working in August and once I started receiving enough money to live off, I made sure to put some money into my savings every week. I am not that great at budgeting or saving money so I am actually really pleased with how much I have saved up and hopefully, I will have enough saved to move out in 2018.

My final goal was to relax and enjoy life more. I do love a good moan but I do feel that I have enjoyed 2017 a lot more than previous years. This may be due to having cut out toxic people in my life and being with people who I actually enjoy being with. There were a couple of months earlier in the year where I struggled due to being surrounded by someone who made me feel so uncomfortable and unwanted. Fortunately, I was able to get out of this situation and I have been in a much better place since moving back to Norwich. This year, I spent a month teaching a year in Peru and it was the most amazing experience. I enjoyed every single day that I was there and I was so incredibly sad to go home. I do feel that this trip changed me and I have grown as a person since returning to England. I hope that 2018 is an even better year.


Have you achieved your goals for this year?

19 thoughts on “2017 Goal Rewind

  1. What a great idea to look back at your previous goals. I’m like you, I don’t really set resolutions because I think it puts too much pressure on myself but I like these types of do-able goals. It sounds like you’ve done really well, huge congratulations on your graduation! Wishig you much happiness and success with your goals in 2018!

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  2. I’m glad that your goals for this year were achieved. Not all my goals for this year has been achieved. But I’m not giving up hope yet, after all, we still got 2 weeks to go…lol! It’s a case of never say never. But that has not stopped me from making new goals for 2018.

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  3. I love how so many of your goals are focused on personal growth — it’s such a journey learning to be more in the moment, less stressed, and to let more joy in, but I feel like setting the intention to do so enabled you to have a more meaningful 2017. Cheers to the new year and your new goals!


  4. Wow, those were some pretty ambitious goals! Congratulations on achieving all of them especially honors at the University. The stress part, well, you’ll always have that in your life. Soon you’ll understand that there are some things that are out of your control and those that are, you can only do your best 🙂 You’re already doing quite well!


  5. This is fantastic approach, before setting new goals look back on previous ones first, so that one can analyze and set goals for coming year in realistic way.


  6. Firstly and foremostly, let me congratulate you on graduating!! I received my degree last June, so I can relate 😉

    That’s also great that you set goals for yourself. I’ve sort of given up setting goals and making plans because I’m messy and will eventually go with the flow, anyway. But who knows? Challenging myself next year might just be the very thing I need in my life to get more organised.


  7. These are some great goals you set for 2017 and I am so glad to hear you did well with all of them. I still cannot believe 2017 is almost over and 2018 is upon us! I hope 2018 brings you even more excitement! I loved the goal of freelancing. I am hoping to get into that.


  8. This is so amazing, I enjoyed and loved reading your post. I am so with you on goals and not resolutions. I am glad you accomplished your goals and you were great in University, Way to go Girl! Also, it is so good that you were less stressed out and enjoyed the life in 2017.

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  9. i am thinking about same thing this days. i feel like i haven’t been organised and do things out of impulse which is really bad. one of the top list for my next year resolution is being organised and having a routine and to see this on your list makes me know that being organised is a must for success.


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