Luxury Christmas Gift Guide

Blogmas Day 12!

Christmas is less than two weeks away and I know there will be some of you who are yet to start your Christmas shopping. I don’t know about you but I love spoiling people, I love buying them things that I know (and hope) they will enjoy and treasure. This gift guide is for luxury gifts that can be pretty expensive but always make sure that you budget when buying Christmas presents so you don’t go overboard.



My first suggestion is a watch because everyone needs a nice watch in their life. I am a huge fan of this Michael Kors Bradshaw Rose Gold-Tone Smartwatch. Smartwatches have become increasingly popular so any tech-loving person would love this gorgeous watch. I love the colour of this watch and the fact you can link it to your iPhone or Android phone to get text/email alerts in addition to general notifications. This piece of not only stylish but very modern and would look great with any outfit.



For those who enjoy a good drink how about glassware? Fancy glasses can bring a sense of occasion to every drink or make special occasions that extra bit special. this Barwell collection is perfect for Christmas and will please any fan of beautiful glassware. This collection was created from 24% lead crystal and each piece is blown and etched by hand with a pattern inspired by a vintage wallpaper print.

Makeup is one of the few things that I feel like I know a lot about and I am actually good at so, of course, I had to include a makeup item in this guide. For my 21st birthday, I splashed out and bought this Eyeshadow Duo by Tom Ford. I would recommend this product for any makeup enthusiast because it’s not something that you would think to buy yourself so it would be extra special. This duo includes both a cream and a powdered shadow that look absolutely gorgeous together.



‘Tis the season for overindulging in lots and lots of chocolates so how about this Signature Chocolate Cabinet from Hotel Chocolat? This insane box of chocolates includes over 100 of Hotel Chocolat’s bestsellers, sounds incredible to me. I find it so exciting that you can pull out draws to find a tray of chocolates – ingenious.

Everyone loves to smell good so perfume or aftershave is always a great idea. The only issue with this is that everyone has their own taste and preference. If you know which perfume someone likes then great, you could buy something based on that. However, you could take a gamble and choose something nice. Dior’s perfume and aftershave are very popular so Sauvage may be a nice gift for any male relatives/friends? The ingredients are all natural and carefully chosen and claims to be raw and noble at once.

Hope these suggestions help, Merry Christmas!

19 thoughts on “Luxury Christmas Gift Guide

  1. I have never heard of those chocolates before! Those look amazing. If I Recieved those as a gift, I’ll probably eat them all in one day!


  2. I would love the watch you listed first! That is a beautiful watch. This is a wonderful gift guide. I really enjoy looking at these for ideas!


  3. The rose gold watchh looks so beautiful. And the signature chocolate case looks so perfect. I would love to get both for gifting.


  4. Unique list but I really liked it. Some of these are way over my head, but it gives a great basis for some really good ideas!!!


  5. Wonderful gift guide!! I am not done with Christmas shopping, I have the children done but I still have to get something for my husband!! He’s a chocolate lover BUT we live in Switzerland, so chocolate is too obvious. He’s also a watch collector, but he actually works for the largest Swiss watch maker, it’s actually really hard!!


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