My Christmas Jumper Collection

Blogmas Day 6!

Is it really Christmas without an array of hideously festive jumpers? Every year, I cannot wait to crack out my Christmas jumpers. Not only do they keep you warm, they also allow you to get into the festive spirit. Whether you like to have a more in-your-face jumper that lights up or a more subtle one, there are plenty around. I thought I’d share with you the jumpers that I have collected over the years.

The first one is actually one that I bought this year. I bought this jumper at a market in Cusco, Peru and it is the softest jumper I have ever worn, I wore it for the whole duration of the Machu Picchu Trek and it kept me so warm and cosy. It’s a nice light to dark grey gradient and has cute llamas at the top. I wish I could wear this jumper 24/7 because it is so damn soft. If you’re ever in Peru, please buy a jumper from a market because you will not regret it. This isn’t a very obvious Christmas jumper so would be perfect for someone who is more into celebrating subtly.


My next jumper is one that I’ve had for a few years and is from Next. I always look forward to wearing this jumper as it is long-line so it is extremely comfortable to wear. I love how simple and subtle this is. I love the pattern of the snowflakes alternating with the hearts. Also, red is basically the colour of Christmas so makes sense to have a red jumper to celebrate the festivities.


If you follow me on Instagram or have read some of my previous posts, you may recognise this jumper. This is also from Next and is a little bit less subtle than the previous two. I love how the main pattern is at the top of the jumper, making it more wearable and less busy. The red and the blue go perfectly together and I love the inclusion of candy canes, Christmas trees and everything festive. I love wearing this with an open coat to show off this beautiful jumper.


This one is actually from Jack Wills. I couldn’t possibly do a post about jumpers without including one from Jack Wills. You could actually wear this after Christmas as it’s not particularly festive but who doesn’t love a thick, Fairisle jumper? This jumper is so thick, you won’t need many layers to keep you warm. I love that this is slightly cropped so it looks great with high waisted jeans or a skirt. Writing this post is just making me want to wear all of these at once, but unfortunately, that’s not possible.


This is the most ridiculous jumper I own and is one of Primark’s finest. If you’re looking for an incredibly ugly Christmas jumper then head to Primark as they have a HUGE selection. Can we just take a minute to appreciate that this snowman has an actual scarf? This is the fluffiest jumper I own and it is so soft and warm, I wish I could wear it all winter but I’d probably get some funny looks. This is great for any Ugly Christmas Jumper days at work or school. I am slightly concerned that it’s too early to wear this so I may wait a week or two to wear this in public.


Do you like to collect Christmas jumpers?

21 thoughts on “My Christmas Jumper Collection

  1. Wow thanks for sharing this seriously cool collection. Christmas is right here and I will love to get some festive Jumpers 😄


  2. I only have one Christmas jumper and it has a penguin on it. I love your snowman jumper, I think it’s the one I would chose to wear on the day 🙂


  3. Aaaah! I’ve been searching for my very first christmas jumper… I never really had one but this year I decided to buy one but i’m still to find one that i really like. The one you have with the snowman is so cute ❤


  4. These jumpers are so cute. The patterns and colors are so perfect for Christmas and even for the whole winter. All of them suit you so well, I love adding seasonal clothing to my wardrobe and would check these ones.

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  5. I love all your jumper collections. It’s my dream to own some, but it’s very difficult for me when Singapore is so humid and hot. I love the one where you are holding a cup and the one with the snowman!


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