What I Love About Christmas

Blogmas Day 5!

Christmas is definitely my favourite time of year. During university, I never felt that I could properly enjoy it as I never had any money and I was always busy with assignments. This year I can fully enjoy this festive season and I am beyond excited.

I know that Christmas shopping can be stressful but I LOVE thinking about gifts that I can get for other people. I love buying something meaningful and something that the person receiving it can treasure. This is the first year that I have been able to afford Christmas presents for everyone so I started Christmas shopping back in November to make sure I’m prepared. Now I am looking forward to wrapping all of my presents to put under the tree.


Who doesn’t love listening to Christmas music during the lead up to Christmas? It honestly puts me in such a good mood. My Spotify is currently full of Christmas songs and they are on repeat. Some of my favourites include Happy Christmas (War is Over) by John Lennon, Do They Know It’s Christmas? by Band Aid and Mary’s Boy Child/Oh My Lord by Boney M. It goes without saying that Michael Bublé in on repeat for the whole of December. Another thing that I love is going to a carol service as there’s always such a lovely atmosphere.

Is there any other time of year when you can get away with wearing the ugliest jumpers? I absolutely adore Christmas jumpers, the uglier, the better. I love being warm and cosy at this time of year, so why not dress up for the occasion? If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a full-on jumper with lights-n-all, try out a more subtle Fairisle print. If you want a cheap Christmas jumper, go to Primark because they have the biggest range that I have ever seen.


For those of you who like to have a real tree for Christmas, isn’t it so exciting going to choose your tree to then take home and decorate? This year is the first year that we have had a real tree and I was so excited. I love the atmosphere when picking up a tree as everyone is so excited to find their perfect tree to take home to their family. On a similar note, aren’t Christmas Markets lovely too? When I was at university in Lincoln, I visited their Christmas market every year and loved it. People get coaches from around the country to visit every year. Nottingham also does a fantastic Christmas market in the city centre, full of food stalls, lovely decorations and of course, ice skating.


One of my favourite things in life is cosy nights in. Winter is the perfect excuse to stay in with a mug of hot chocolate and cosy up on the sofa to watch a film. Another great thing is that a lot of TV shows have a Christmas special for you to enjoy. One of my favourite Christmas specials is the Gavin and Stacey 2008 special as it perfectly captures how Christmas is all about friends and family (despite your differences) and how we all need to let go and enjoy ourselves. On a bit of a sidetrack, I was thinking about how it was snowing here last week and now I am even more excited for this holiday season.


I am aware this is a bit rambly, I just really love Christmas. What do you love about Christmas?


19 thoughts on “What I Love About Christmas

  1. I love Christmas, and just this holiday season in general. October-January is my favorite time of the year! I’m a bit of a Christmas maniac and I love to get into the spirit super early. Something about twinkly lights, sparkly ornaments, cozy Christmas decor throughout the house just feel magical! Happy Holidays! 🖤


  2. I love being with family and friends. I remember thinking last year, “Why can’t every month be like Christmas & December” and HOW can I extend that feeling all throughout the year. I guess if it happened all year, then December wouldn’t be quite as special, right? Sounds like you’re having a wonderful season! I hope you have fun wrapping your gifts!


  3. J’dore Christmas and can’t wait to go completely bat shit bonkers enjoying it. Living in L.A. I miss the snow on the beach in Brighton and venturing into London on the tube. But L.A. is beautiful too. Christmas trees in mallls are gorgeous. Holiday music is where my heart is at.

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  4. I love Christmas music, too! I could play it well before and after, even, just to stay cozy/warm feeling when the weather is truly frightful here in the Upper Midwest! It really gets crazy dreary around here sometimes. I also love spending time with family, unrushed, and being able to do things together when the kiddos are off school.

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  5. We really don’t pay much attention to all the Christmas “marketing”, lights, jumpers, decorations, it s overdone. We celebrate this date and the Advent period more as a religious occasion than a commercial one. For instance, we only give presents to the children, but in our tradition, there is no Santa or Father Christmas, it is the Baby Jesus that brings His blessings and gifts. We pay more attention to the Creche than to the Christmas tree. Later in January, we also Have the Three Wise men who bring gifts to the children.

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  6. There are so many things i love about christmas. actually love the time to christmas more than the time itself ahah! cosy nights in are the best!


  7. Christmas is the one time a year when you can eat all the cookies you want and no one bats an eye. I love it. Also you can belt out christmas songs anywhere and people will either laugh or sing along with you.


  8. I love being around my friends and family during Christmas. Also everyone around Christmas is happy and in a great mood!


  9. Well, we love the same things!! I love Christmas spirit and everything that has to it. The best part is spending time with your family.


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