Christmas Gift Guide for HER

Blogmas Day 4!

Yesterday, I posted a gift guide for HIM so I thought it is only fair to create a gift guide for HER. I often find that women are more likely to say what they want so they can be easier for shop for. However, I understand that it can still be incredibly difficult. Therefore, I have compiled a short list of classic gift ideas that are perfect for your mum, partner, sister, daughter or even a friend.



Slippers are a great choice for Christmas as they are cosy and warm. Who doesn’t love being cosy and warm at Christmas? These Sheepskin Slippers from John Lewis would be a good choice as they come in a variety of sizes, have a soft sheepskin lining with gel infused memory foam for ultimate comfort. These slippers are £60 which is kind of expensive. There are plenty of cheaper alternatives that you can find on the internet.


I love to wear a new pair of cosy pyjamas on Christmas Eve as it makes me feel even more excited and in the Christmas spirit. Getting a new pair of pyjamas is exciting at any time of the year so why not purchase a pair for your loved ones this Christmas? Marks & Spencer are selling a set of snow print pyjamas that says “up to snow good” which I think is great. I also love that these pyjamas are cotton rich, meaning that they are very soft and very comfortable. M&S also sell a matching dressing gown if you want to go all out and reach maximum comfort. You can get good quality pyjamas from any high street store, especially at this time of year as they seem to be a very popular gift choice.



If the person you are buying for is a fan of makeup, why not buy them a beauty gift set? Now if the perfect time to buy one as everywhere is selling them for a great price. One of my favourite gift sets is the Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Icons gift set. This set is £55 but worth a lot more as it includes Charlotte Tilbury’s best sellers such as the Magic Cream moisturiser and the Full Fat Lashes mascara. If you don’t know too much about makeup but would love to buy a gift set for someone, I’d recommend going into a department store such as Debenhams, John Lewis or House of Fraser and asking someone on a beauty counter for recommendations.

tiffany-1837circle-pendant-25049179_934921_sv_1.jpgWho doesn’t love receiving jewellery? I find that jewellery is always a thoughtful gift as you have to really think about what the other person would like (unless they just tell you). Pretty much every high street fashion store sells jewellery, so you don’t have to splash the cash to treat your loves ones. If you do have a little more money to spend, this Tiffany & Co circle pendant necklace is very popular. I love that it is so simple but yet so timeless. It does cost £145 which is a lot of money so please don’t spend more than you can this Christmas.

Have you nearly finished your Christmas shopping yet?

39 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Guide for HER

  1. I have actually received once a great pair of slippers in a secret santa gift exchanges. My secret santa knew I loved cats and thought he was getting me a pair of cat slippers but he didn’t realized they were rabbits. I loved it anyway 🙂

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  2. This is such a lovely coincidence that just now I was glancing over a gift guide for him and now this gift guide for her. Great choice for girls. I like sheep skin slippers. May be gift these to myself.

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  3. These are so amazing ideas for gifting. The Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Icons gift set looks so gorgeous, and the jewelry is also a great option for loved ones.

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  4. I would love to receive comfy things too, like those pjs and slippers! I also love giving them awwy to my friends. Everyone would be happy with something confortable!


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