Christmas Gift Ideas for HIM

Blogmas Day 3!

Why are men so difficult to buy for? They never say exactly what they want so we end up guessing and hoping they love it. As we are getting closer and closer to Christmas, I am starting to panic about Christmas shopping so I thought I would compile a list of gift suggestions for men, whether that’s your partner, son, dad, uncle or even just a friend. I hope this helps you as much as it will help me.

If you’re often neglected by your partner as they play video games all night, perhaps a new game would be ideal. Listen out for them talking about new games that are being released or any games that they just HAVE TO HAVE. If you know a football lover, why not treat them to Fifa 18? It’s available on PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One and costs £49.99. If you can’t afford to buy the full game or know someone who already has it, why not purchase the Fifa Team Currency with a starting price of £3.99.


Do you have a beer lover in your life? I can think of a few men who appreciate a pint after a hard day of work. Beer Hawk is selling a case of 12 beers that are all Christmas themed. All of their beers are selected from artisan breweries all over the world, making it a great choice for all beer lovers. It also only costs £35 which is pretty good for 12 beers.


Now that the cold weather is kicking in, everyone is starting to layer up with lots of jumpers and coats. This Ditteridge Lambswool Rich Cable Jumper from Jack Wills is a great choice as it is cosy, yet so stylish. You can choose from three colours, meaning that you can tailor your choice based on the preference of who you are buying from. At the moment, Jack Wills have £20 off knitwear, meaning that this gorgeous jumper is only £54.95. My favourite thing about this jumper is the speckled finish and the fact that you could wear this anywhere, whether it’s work, a date or even just a lazy day at home.


Having a nice wallet is important to some men so why not purchase them a wallet that is good quality and will remind them of you when they go to use it. A good choice is the Ted Baker Crossy Leather Wallet Gift Set which includes a wallet with a matching card holder, presented in an elegant gift box. This Wallet is 100% leather and will definitely impress the person who receives this.


Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

4 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Ideas for HIM

  1. Thanks Dr. Todd! My boyfriend is back. I ordered the ULTIMATE LOVE SPELL and it took only 5 days to work… I feel so happy. I hope to get married soon! Todd’s email: manifestspellcast@gmail. com


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