My Ultimate Career Goal

Blogmas Day 2!

Since leaving university earlier this year, I have really had to think about what I want to do as a career. I knew that I wanted to go into post-production so I moved to Bristol as I thought this would enhance my chances of getting a job in that area. However, this didn’t work out for many reasons and I was so happy that I could move back to Norwich. I would still love to work in post-production at some point, but it isn’t my ultimate goal anymore.

I’m now working at M&S which is alright for the time being, but not ideal for the future. My contract ends before the new year so I am looking for a more permanent job. I think I would like to work in marketing, particularly digital marketing as I can use things that I learnt from my degree as well as learning new skills. However, to go into marketing you always need experience and that is so hard when you can’t get the job in the first place. I know that I would rather work 9-5 Monday to Friday rather than random hours in retail as it would mean that I could see Daniel more often and my friends.

Some people may know that I am applying to do a postgraduate degree in Documentary Journalism. My ideal career would be to work as an activist who creates documentaries to share the inequalities from around the world. This may not be entirely realistic for the time being, but that is something that I would love to do in the future. In 2016, I volunteered at the Sheffield Doc Fest and I was fortunate enough to watch Hooligan Sparrow (she fought for women’s rights across China). This really inspired me to go into creating documentaries as I realised just how powerful it can be.


You may have realised that there are lots of things that I would love to do and I’m still not entirely sure what I will end up doing, but hopefully, I will find something that I enjoy. This was a bit of a deep one for a Saturday afternoon but thanks for reading. What is your career goal? Have you already got your dream job?




27 thoughts on “My Ultimate Career Goal

  1. I am not sure how old you are, I am assuming early 20s, so what you are going through is pretty normal at this age. You don’t have to know exactly what you want as a long term career, as long as you stay active, try things (which you do based on your article above). Trying new things, working in different places, volunteering , traveling stimulates the brain and shows you different possibilities. School and college are not the only places where you can discover your passions and career goals.

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  2. Activist or journalists who do documentaries are really admiring. I think that would be a great career for you, you have to do the things where you are passionate about so that you wont feel any stress working. Good luck on your future endeavors!

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  3. Wow! I love that you are pursuing documentary journalism. My major in College was English/Professional Writing. I love editing videos and I think it is fun trying to melt one frame into the next. This would definitely be a great field to consider for me as well. Thanks for the inspiration. So cool to share your experience.

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  4. It would be a nice idea that you are pursuing documentary journalism. It’s definitely a great area to work and learn new things. Its so cool to shared this info. i hope it would be a great career for you,and wish you all the very best for your future .


  5. Your not the only one trying to figure things out! I’m about to finish in about a month and I’m just winging it until I figure things out. Keep trying as much as you can, at least you’ll figure out what you don’t want to do in the process.


  6. It is great to know that you aspire to do post graduation in Documentary Journalism, it sounds so interesting. Best wishes and Good Luck for funding the new permanent job and also for your future endeavors.


  7. Sadly, I’m currently unemployed. I will be applying for a part time position at a resale shop this week. Ideally, I had wanted to become a crime scene investigator. I was nearly done with my Associates degree when I married and had 3 kids – causing me to leave college behind. Instead, I have decided that if/when I ever go back, I want to get my certification in ASL interpreting. In the meantime, I work on the side doing online editing for bloggers, writers and speakers.


  8. That’s quite a hard decision to make! I have always told myself not to set very precise goals, I’ve rathered seizing the opportunities that presented to me. I can say that life is quite an adventure and, although it is nice and it feels safe to have a plan, the truth is that plans hardly ever turn out the way you thought they would. Eventually, having an open mind and having the “radar on” for seizing the occasion has worked much better for me. When many paths are open to you, this should be a wonderful thing not a source of stress. You’ll notice that as you age (I’m nearly 40, so I’ve been there) the paths you have ahead are lesser and narrower than the ones you left behind. So I’d say enjoy while all your chances are opened!!


  9. Ohh I am a Christmas temp too! But I love my job and want to keep it, I’m putting all fingers crossed but also not getting my hopes up. Your ideal job sounds incredible and I wish you all the best on pushing towards to. Even if you end up with another job in the mean time just as a means, keep your dreams close to you and in your space time work on ideas that will give you experience and a good idea of what it is you are wanting to do.It sounds very admirable and you should be really proud of yourself so far. Onwards and upwards!<3

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  10. Funny I am reading this now because I finally found out what I’d like to do, last Tuesday. It was like being in a hole not knowing what you’d like to be. I want to be a life coach so right now I’m working on getting myself exposed on YouTube. Best of luck, you’ll find out eventually.


  11. Activism sounds really interesting! You shouldn’t worry that you don’t know what should you do in your 20s. It will come to you, I’m pretty sure in that, just keep hustling girl!!


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