November Reflection

Blogmas Day 1!

Happy Blogmas! This the first post of December and I will be attempting to participate in Blogmas. I won’t promise that I will keep on top of it but I will try my best. This post is a reflection on November. I felt that last month went by so quickly but maybe that’s because a lot happened.ย  Prepare for lots of ramblings about things that I have done over the past month.

I started properly blogging at the end of October and this month alone, I have had over 1,000 views which is a huge achievement for me. I am so grateful to everyone who reads, comments, likes, or shares my blog as it means so much to me. I also wrote my first every sponsored post which is crazy. I am so grateful for every opportunity that I have been given and I am so pleased that I have access to share on this platform.


This month started off with cocktails and watching fireworks displays, what better way to start November? You start to feel a bit more festive once the fireworks start, I really love this time of year. The Christmas lights also turned on in Norwich and I started my Christmas shopping. Black Friday happened and all of the shops were so full, I’m grateful for the Internet. I didn’t manage to get anything that I had planned for during Black Friday as everything was sold out. Life goes on I suppose.


At the start of the month, I visited Daniel in Chesterfield for his 23rd birthday. He came with me to a postgraduate open day to Nottingham Trent University as I am considering studying Documentary Journalism. I fell in love with this university and I am aiming to finish my application before Christmas, but it is proving to be quite difficult. I love Nottingham, there’s so much to do there and it’s quite beautiful, I hope that I can move there next year. We spent the next few days Christmas shopping together and celebrating Daniel’s birthday. It was so lovely to be able to see him again and I was so sad to leave as I knew I probably wouldn’t be able to see him until January. I miss him a lot.


When I got home, I started working in the lingerie department at Marks & Spencer. I actually enjoy working in retail and M&S are such a good company to work for as they actually care about their employees. Everyone that I work with is so nice, I’m so grateful that I work with such a nice bunch of people. We get a lot of lovely older ladies and I love listening to their stories. We have an event on the week before Black Friday and were insanely busy but that made it more fun. I’m looking forward to it getting busier as we get closer to Christmas. I also love choosing things for people, I think I’d love to be a Personal Shopper. Last week, our department won a hamper for best customer service so that was pretty cool.



November has been fairly good to me but I am so excited that it’s finally December and getting closer to CHRISTMAS!! I am feeling optimistic about December and hope that lots of good things happen because good things are nice.


31 thoughts on “November Reflection

  1. Good luck for the rest of this month! December is such a busy time for us. I have birthdays and Christmas to contend with. But it is also so much fun ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Blogmas is where you post every day up until Christmas. Thank you so much โค๏ธ I donโ€™t really have a secret, just post for yourself and be yourself I guess haha ๐Ÿ˜Š


  2. Well that was an impressive & busy month of November! I hope December will bring you Joy and Happiness! But since it includes Christmas I am sure it will!!


  3. Goodluck for you for the blogmas!!
    Wow you had an really awesome november !!
    The pictures are just perfect !
    All the best for december๐Ÿ˜Š

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