Real Techniques PowderBleu Collection Review

I was kindly sent the B01, B02, B03 and B04 brushes from the PowderBleu Collection by Real Techniques so I thought it would be fun to review them. I have been eyeing up these brushes for so long as they are such a beautiful, sophisticated colour and they look so soft to use. I had been looking for some new brushes so these were sent at just the right time and I am so grateful to have received them.


The shape of these brushes reminds me of the Bold Metals collection that was released in 2011. Pretty much every person I know owns a Real Techniques makeup brush and there’s no doubt as to why that is. The PowderBleu Collection is engineered to layer powders evenly, for a soft, flawless finish.  The FauxBleu Technology uses synthetic blue squirrel bristles as blue squirrel hair is one of the rarest and softest bristles used in makeup brushes. Who doesn’t love a makeup brush that’s not only cruelty-free but also brushes that are cheaper for that same reason?


The first brush that I opened was the B01 Soft Powder Brush which has a large tapered head and is perfect for powder foundation, bronzer or highligher. I like to use this for either blush or highlighter as you can create a really light, natural look or go in a bit heavier. This brush is so soft and I am so glad that this has become a part of my everyday makeup. I find that this brush is a little bit big for highlighter but you will definitely find a use for this gorgeous powder brush.

The next brush that I opened was the B02 Soft Finishing Brush. This brush is designed to gently sweep on powder blush or highlighter for a diffused glow. I much prefer to use this brush for highlighter as it is a little bit smaller and has a more extreme tapered head, making it the perfect choice for a natural glow. You could also use this as a contour brush as it would fit perfectly in the hollows of your cheeks.

I then opened the B03 Soft Complexion Brush and this is probably my most used out of the whole collection. This complexion brush has a doomed, dense head that is designed to blend and buff powder onto the skin. I like to use this for setting powder as it gives a good coverage and leaves your skin looking flawless.

Lastly, I tested the B04 Soft Eyeshadow brush and this has to be my favourite. It is so soft, making it perfect to blend powder shadows. You could also use the B04 to sweep highlighter onto the bridge of your nose or on your brow bone. I love using this to put powder all over my lid to set any eyeshadow powder as well as using it to blend out any harsh lines.


I am obsessed with these brushes and I’m so excited that I get to use these every day. These brushes are definitely worth the money and will blend your powder to perfection. What are your favourite makeup brushes?

42 thoughts on “Real Techniques PowderBleu Collection Review

  1. I don’t really have a favorite brush. In fact I’m pretty clueless when it comes to make up, I hardly ever wear any 😉 My daughter always has to show me how these things work. I wonder if she’s got some of these in her stash though. I’ll have to ask her

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  2. I don’t really use make-up and when I apply foundation I usually just use my fingers. I would be interested in trying the eyeshadow brush though, from all the ones I have I am happy only with the one from Urban Decay.


  3. I just have some basic brushes that I use, but these ones you’ve highlighted look really plushy! They are pretty and look like they’d do an awesome job with setting makeup.


  4. These seem like a great set of brushes. My favorite brushes are Luxie. I’ve gotten all of mine from Ipsy, though I’d definitely buy them myself. I’ll hsve to look into these brushes!


  5. I got the B01 and B02 of these brushes back in Summer, when they were first launched, since then they have become my favourite! I have also a review about them on my blog, if you wish to read it 😉


  6. It would be cool to see how you use the different brushes. I’m sure they can create all sorts of different cool looks. It’s nice to have a set of quality brushes.


  7. I just had gone to the beautician yesterday she was talking about brushes
    I can help her now … as reading from your post I got some idea
    Lovely article !!


  8. I’ve been very stylish. So I never bought the brushes. But I saw how well my mother and sister used them and was considering trying to up my make up game with some. This was a great review on brushes for me to consider!

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  9. These brushes look so beautiful, I like the packaging of these. They look so soft and dense. I do have the original basic brushes from Real Techniques and have been looking to try more from the range.

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