My ASOS Wishlist

I don’t know about you but I LOVE browsing through ASOS when I’m bored or in the mood for some retail therapy. I love mentally creating outfits and imagining what I would wear them to but unfortunately, I do not have to budget to buy them all. I thought I’d share with you the items that are on my wishlist as some of you may want some wardrobe inspiration or you may just be interested.IMG_0572@0,5x.jpg


The first item on my wishlist is the Asos Movement Leather Loafers. The main reason that I love these is that they are dupes for the Gucci Brixton Leather Horsebit Loafers and I am OBSESSED with these. If only I could afford to spend £540 on shoes. These would look really great with some cropped jeans or trousers and could be paired with a simple white tee to finish off the look. I would much rather spend £35 on a pair of shoes as I wouldn’t be quite so devastated if anything happened to them. I love how loafers can make any outfit look more classy and put together.


7913871-1-berryThe next item on my list is the ASOS Cord Pelmet Skirt in Berry. I am a huge fan of cord skirts and I am in desperate need of a skirt in a more autumnal colour. I recently had to get rid of most of my wardrobe due to losing weight so this meant I got rid of 95% of my skirts. This was a pretty sad time in my life. I adore the colour of this skirt and think it is so perfect for this time of year and it will be a staple in anyone’s wardrobe. I would mostly wear this with a thin jumper or a long-sleeved crop top along with tights and a pair of black boots.



8304915-1-blackI have always wanted to try ASOS’ jeans as I need to replace my Topshop Jamie jeans but I have never taken the plunge. These black High Waisted Premium Jeans look perfect and hopefully, the colour would last a lot longer than Topshop jeans. Black skinny jeans are a staple in any wardrobe and I think these would be a perfect choice for mine. Another thing that I love about these jeans is that you can choose the length as well as the waist size. I have short legs so the standard 32″ are too long for me and thankfully I can choose the 30″.




It is officially jumper season and what kind of wishlist would this be without a jumper? The last item on my list is the Crew Neck Ribbed Jumper in grey. This jumper is perfect for layering in the cold weather and is a really versatile piece. I would wear this either tucked into a skirt or with jeans. This would go perfectly with both the berry skirt and the black skinny jeans that I previously mentioned. The ribs make this jumper really flattering and I bet it would be super soft.


What items are on your wishlist?

37 thoughts on “My ASOS Wishlist

  1. Ok, seriously, how have I not heard of ASOS? I’m not even kidding this isn’t one of THOSE posts. I don’t do much online shopping so I don’t really know whats out there other than shopping form the few stores I know and trust. What can you tell me about this website?

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  2. That is a super cute top at the bottom and I agree about it being a jumper. I have never heard of this company! Looking forward to seeing what they’ve got.

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  3. The red skirt is so pretty, it can be a great treat for spring but also wore on the Christmas Day, together with the gray jumper. They would do a nice outfit together.

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