How to Make Your Makeup Last All Day

There is nothing worse than creating a beautiful makeup look and then having half of it come off throughout the day. To ensure that your makeup will have full effect, start with a clean face after cleansing and you’ll be good to go. Here are my tips on making your makeup last longer.


Moisturise that face

Moisturising will create a smooth base before putting any makeup on. This will also prevent your makeup from creasing and going into fine lines. I know that someone concealer will crease under your eyes on your foundation will sink into your smile lines so I found this really useful. Not only this, but moisturiser will help keep your skin hydrated throughout the day and will prevent your skin from getting too dry or too oily. The great thing about moisturiser is that you don’t have to spend loads of money for a good one. There are plenty of great drugstore moisturisers and one of my favourites is the Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser.

Primer up

I know that some people like to skip this step as they don’t think it is necessary, however, I find that primer makes my foundation stay a lot longer. A primer will seal in your moisturiser and make your face a bit tacky so that your foundation sit on top of it rather than absorbing into your skin. My ultimate favourite primer is the Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Instant Soft-Focus Beauty Flash Primer as it adds a bit of shimmer to your face and leaves you glowing. If you are looking for a colourless primer, I like the L’Oreal Infallible Priming Base as it leaves your skin feeling so soft and will hold your makeup in place all day. I also like to use an eyeshadow primer to ensure that my eyeshadow will last all day. My current favourite eyeshadow primer is the Urban Decay Primer Potion in ‘Eden’.

Set with powder

Using powder will set your liquid or cream makeup in place and is important for keep concealer in place. I make sure that I powder under my eyes and over my t-zone as that is where your makeup is more likely to move from. If you like a more matte finish, I find that powder is also good for helping you achieve this. I would argue that powder is more important than a primer but both are good for optimum longevity.

Don’t forget the setting spray

Once you have finished your makeup, spray your face with a few squirts of setting spray to prevent makeup from moving or disappearing. Think of it as a hairspray, but for your face and kind of refreshing. The good thing about setting spray is that you can fit them in your bag and spray your face whenever you feel your makeup make start to budge. My favourite setting spray is the NYX Matte Finish/Long Lasting Setting Spray as it lasts for such a long time and is small enough to fit in your handbag. NYX also have another version for those of you that prefer a dewy finish.

Find long-lasting products

There are some products that claim to be long-lasting and the majority do not disappoint. If you have an event coming up, such as a wedding I would recommend investing in some long-lasting products such as the Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hour Foundation.

Apply in light layers

Not only do light layers look more natural, it allows your make up to last longer as there will be less oil and will stop products from slipping around on your face. Light layers will give a smoother look, preventing texture and looking more like a second skin. Also, try to stop touching your skin throughout the day. I know I’m guilty of this but not only does it introduce bacteria onto your face, but it will rub off the makeup on your face.

Keep your essentials nearby

If you can, keep your essential makeup products in your bag in case you want to top-up throughout the day. Keep it to the minimum as you shouldn’t need to redo your whole face. I would recommend blotting instead of topping up your makeup as this will prevent dehydration and larger pores. NYX  sell a Matte Blotting Paper which is designed to remove excess shine and keep you looking matte.


What are your essentials for making your makeup last all day?

63 thoughts on “How to Make Your Makeup Last All Day

  1. I don’t use a lot of make-up and surely not every day so this post was very interesting. I didn’t know that a primer was so important in keeping your make-up on for longer.

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  2. NYX Is my favorite go to make up. I adore the stay matte spray and actually find its the best one I’ve ever owned. I forget about Primer all the time so I should really start remembering it.


  3. These are great tips! And in perfect timing for the holidays. Nothing like being around the family for an all day event and having your make up slowly wear off!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’ve been preaching the wonders of a good solid primer for so long! And I’m so glad to see you use NYX as well! It’s a great cruelty free brand and their primers are so efficient!

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  5. I personally have problems with foundation disappearing after 4/5 hours, especially when it is cold, windy and raining, I never managed to find a way to mantain a decent colour through the day. I will try the spray and see how it works for me.


  6. Useful make up tips for a woman like me who is not much in daily routine of make up. But when you say make up lasting whole day so now I seem to be convinced to try.


  7. I’ve just discovered Primer about a year ago…..I know very late in the game, Better late than never though. I don’t know how I went so many years without using it. I haven’t NYX brand, I mainly use E.L.F


  8. You look so beautiful. You have mentioned some amazing tips. I agree with using the primer and setting powder, they do make a lot of difference.

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  9. Guess what, I don’t use any of the products you’ve mentioned: primer, setting spray, powder and no wonder my makeup doesn’t last! I usually skip those to avoid clogging of the pores… But i guess I have to start trying the products one by one!


  10. This is an amazing and extensive routine that you have here. I used to wear makeup and I was always upset it was not lasting until the end of the day! Now I know how to change that

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  11. I don’t wear a lot of make-up so this post was very useful. I have never used a primer or a settling spray before and I have always wondered how can I make my eye shadow last longer.


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