Favourite High Street Brands

I have to say that shopping is my guilty pleasure. I love browsing the Internet and window shopping for new outfits. I currently have two favourite high street clothing brands, however, I love to shop in a variety of places.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a walking Jack Wills advert. I have been a fan of Jack Wills for almost 10 years now and I continue to buy from there as I know their clothing will last many years and the quality is great. I know that Jack Wills may be a bit pricier than say New Look or H&M, but I would rather pay more money for something that will last me. Here are some of my favourite items from this season:

The Tinsbury Cable Jumper is one of my autumn/winter favourites as it comes in so many colours yet looks stylish whilst keeping you warm. I love the colour of this as it fits very well with the current season. This jumper is great for layering if you want to stay warmer and you can dress it down with a pair of jeans or dress a bit smarter with a pair of tapered trousers. The Tinsbury jumpers retail at £64.95 which is a pretty standard price for Jack Wills. These jumpers make great Christmas presents.


I bought this Homfore Oxford Classic Shirt for my 21st birthday and I love wearing it if I feel like dressing a little bit smarter without going over the top. This is a staple in my wardrobe as it’s such a versatile piece. I love to pair this with jeans but you can also pair it with trousers or a skirt. This shirt retails at £49.95 and I would honestly buy another one because they are so flattering.


I mentioned these Faulkebourne Check leggings in my October Favourites as they are so comfortable for lounging around the house in, I am so glad that I bought these. These cost £32.95 which I think is a reasonable price for such a thick material.


When I was younger, I wasn’t a huge fan of Topshop as I was never a huge fan of the style. However, I now have to avoid going into Topshop otherwise I will want to spend all of my money. I also only buy jeans from Topshop because I know they will fit and last me. There are so many things from Topshop that are on my wishlist at the moment but here are some of my favourites from this season:

I really love the ‘You Me Oui’ Slogan T-Shirt as it is so cute and is great for layering in the cold weather. I love how simple this t-shirt, I do love a good slogan tee. I usually just wear this with jeans but white t-shirts are so versatile and can be worn in a way that matches your style. Another thing that I love about Topshop t-shirts is that they are so soft. This t-shirt costs £12.


This Blouson Sleeve Jumper is my favourite jumper of this season. I love absolutely everything about this jumper, from the sleeves to the colour to how soft it is. I wear this jumper as much as I can as I want everyone to see how wonderful it is. Who doesn’t want to wear a jumper with big puffy sleeves? This blouson sleeve jumper costs £32 and I adore it.


As I previously mentioned, I only buy Topshop MOTO Authentic Blue Jamie Jeans because I know they will fit me and the quality will be great. These jeans cost £40 which is standard for Topshop. You can get a variety of jeans from Topshop so I’m sure you will find a pair that suit your taste. You can also choose the waist size and length which I really appreciate as I need 30″ leg and most places only have 32″ leg.

topshop 2.jpg

What are your favourite high street brands?


41 thoughts on “Favourite High Street Brands

  1. I like your selection of clothes, the leggings are my favorites. I love their pattern. I also like the Blouson Sleeve Jumper, it looks cosy and comfortable to wear. The color is very nice as well.


  2. These look like great brands. I’m slowly finding out what brands to use when I shop here. My size is abnormal from what most make, so it can be difficult to feel truly comfortable in most things.


  3. I love your picks, you look so pretty in all of them, especially the color and look of Tinsbury Cable Jumper. And I am with you on browsing the web whenever I get time to look for something nicer 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow! These are so beautiful outfits, You are so beautiful wearing each outfit. I love the Tinsbury Cable Jumper looks so comfy and perfect for the cold season!


  5. I think you only pick stuff that great and all of them looks pretty on you. I will take a look on the topshop soon. We always look quality clothes because its important to be conferable with it.


  6. It was a pleasure to read this lovely article !
    I really loved picture
    BUT most of all I loved the Tinsbury cable jumper
    That’s like my favourite …
    Thank you for such a lovely post


  7. I am loving this pink jumper! My favorite high street brands might be H&M, Primark and New Look! I always get amazing things there!


  8. All the clothes look comfy and easy to wear, Which is something That I always look for in clothing, I’m not very high up on the fashion totem pole…lol


  9. Slogan t-shirt is my favorite one for sure! It’s so cool and it looks like it’s made of good cotton. And that pink sweater!! Color suits you so good and the model is so good, I want the same one!

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