October Favourites

October has been a pretty hectic month for me – I quit my job at Office, moved back to Norwich, started up my own videography business and got a part-time job at Mark and Spencer’s. Nevertheless, I am so excited that November is finally here, we can officially get in the Christmas spirit. This is my absolute favourite time of year and I am so excited to spoil my loved ones now that I am earning money. Here are some of my favourites from October.

My first favourite from October is the YSL Babydoll mascara. This is my new favourite mascara and one of my holy grail items. I’m not a fan of thick, clumpy mascara so this is absolutely perfect. It is so lengthening but natural looking at the same time. The gold packaging is so beautiful too. This product retails at £25.50 but I will definitely be repurchasing this because it is such a beautiful product. It’s also nice to have a high-end product in your everyday makeup bag to make you feel a bit special. The bristles on the brush are very short so it makes it very easy to apply it to your bottom lashes. This is a huge bonus as you won’t be getting mascara all over your face – who has time for that in the morning? I only have to do one layer and it lasts all day, what more could you want?


Over the past year or two, L’Oreal released their range of Pure Clay face masks. I have previously loved the Glow and Detox masks as they always make my skin look flawless straight away. L’Oreal released two more colours so I had to try them. After the stresses of last month, my skin had been so bad and in desperate need of repair so I bought the Blemish Rescue Clay Mask which is made with Marine Algae to clear imperfections and unclog blackheads. When you put it on, it has that nice kind of sting – you know the one when it feels like it’s actually doing something good for your skin. Another great thing about this face mask is that your skin feels SO smooth afterwards. I am considering buying the rest of the range because these masks are great.

pure clay

As aforementioned, I recently started my own videography business based in Norwich so I was in desperate need of new equipment. With the help of my mum and dad, I bought a Canon 750d and a Manfrotto tripod from the London Camera Exchange shop. I traded in my old camera and it was such a good experience shopping at the LCE, I can’t recommend it enough. I am in love with this camera and tripod, they make filming so much easier and fun and it helps with blog photos. I have been working with Norwich Fitness Club to make a promo video for their Saturday bootcamp classes so check out the video here.

As I now mostly work from home, I live in comfy clothing. I bought these Jack Wills Faulkebourne check leggings after eyeing them up for weeks and it’s safe to say that I love them. They are so thick and comfortable to lounge around in, in the winter months. I love to wear these to work in as they are super soft and comfortable and I know they will keep me warm. I love the fact that I could also wear these out of the house if I really wanted too but I could also wear them as pyjamas.


The next thing is a little bit different but it’s a very fun item. The walls in my room are very plain so I decided that I should get some art to make my room a bit more lively and fun. I came across the Eye for London Prints facebook page and I had to resist from buying everything. I bought the Space Samurai Bowie print and it’s so cool. The colours go well in my room and I can’t wait to put it in my frame and then hang it on my wall. You can choose which size and finish you want and it’s also nice to support an independent company so check them out.


Basically every single person on the planet has been freaking out about Stranger Things season 2 and rightly so. I have to admit, I didn’t understand all the hype about season 1 as I felt it took a while to get into but season 2 was a lot better. I really enjoyed the character development and those kids are such incredible actors, they deserve so much credit. I really hope there’s a season 3 because I need more. Can we just take a moment to appreciate how good the soundtrack is too?Stranger_Things_logo.png

During my time at Office, I had been eyeing up the Puma Suede Platform trainers in Black Gold Satin so on my last day, I used my 25% discount and bought them and I have worn them pretty much every day since. They are so comfortable and surprisingly warm. The off-white sole does get dirty quite quickly but it’s pretty easy to clean off. I am so glad that I decided to buy these because they look good with pretty much every outfit and they make me a little bit taller. My favourite outfit to wear with these shoes is blue Jamie jeans from Topshop with a t-shirt tucked in.

So these were some of my favourites from October. What were your favourites?


45 thoughts on “October Favourites

  1. Well done on having the courage to quit your job and starting out on your own! It’s a step many people want to take but are never brave enough.
    I’m always sceptical about expensive mascaras, but I always thought YSL was pricey-er… I get benefit rollerlash and it’s not too far off that!

    I also love this info about eye for London prints xx

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    1. Thank you so much, I didn’t have much of a choice due to family circumstances but I was glad for the push. Benefit is very good too but I would defo recommend YSL.
      Thank you so much for reading xxx


  2. First, congrats on being able to mostly work from home! Second, Stranger Things is one of my all time favorites. Season one did take a while to get into, but season two was amazing!

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  3. Oh i love the list you have here . I would love to try the pure clay mask. I’ve been hearing good things about Stranger Things. I want to check it out.

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  4. I don’t know much about make-up stuffs but I guess I know a bit more and am able to give my wife some suggestions because she kept saying that it’s never enough for her to buy stuffs

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  5. Wow! you are awesome that you are able to start on your own and quit the job. I really love those products, especially this YSL Babydoll mascara is calling my name, I think it is something I should try!


  6. A videography business sounds like a great venture! I hope you find alot of business where you are at. I love your October picks too!


  7. That mascara is truly amazing. I will recommend this to my co-worker, who is totally obsessed in mascaras. Lol!!! and I’d also love to read more about your videography business, that sounds really interesting!


  8. You did a great job choosing the Space Samurai Bowie print because it really looks cool. How about doing Room walkthrough post xp and show us the final look after you finish putting the arts?

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