What I Got For Christmas 2016


Hello, everyone! This is the first post I have written since October. I have been so snowed under with university so I decided to focus on my other blog and uni-related work. As Christmas has just been, I thought it would be a great idea to get back into writing for this blog. I have watched so many videos and read so many blog posts about what people got for Christmas and thought it would be a good idea to write my own. I am so thankful to everyone who gave me cards, money and/or presents. I have been so spoilt and I am so grateful. You might find some ideas for the Christmas/January sales so I will try and link everything if they are still in stock. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and have the most fabulous 2017.


Since coming home, I have been obsessed with beauty bloggers, which definitely gave me some ideas for Christmas. My mum bought me the Urban Decay Naked 1 palette as well as the Urban Decay Eden Primer Potion and a Mac lipstick in Velvet Teddy. I have never had any products from Urban Decay or Mac before so I felt well and truly spoilt as well as excited to try these new products. I was also lucky enough to receive the Urban Decay Ultimate Basics palette from my nan and grandad. I absolutely love all of these products and I am always so excited to do my makeup every morning to try out new looks. I also received some makeup wipes from my mum as they’re always good to have.



All of the clothes I received were from Jack Wills, all in a size 10. My mum bought me a jumper and a shirt. The first item is a classic burgundy Tinsbury cable-knit and I absolute love it. I actually already have one of these jumpers in navy but I love the Tinsbury jumpers because the quality is so good and the fabric is so soft. The second item from my mum was a Worncliffe Boyfriend Tartan shirt. Honestly, it is the softest shirt I have ever worn in my life. This is such a comfortable shirt to wear and I can tell that it’s going to be worn a lot this year. Lastly, my dad bought me the Appleton Fairisle jumper.This jumper is a very thick knit and is perfect for surviving the cold. It’s quite a short jumper so I like to pair it with a high-waisted skirt or jeans. I really love all of these items and can’t wait to wear them more throughout the year. I also received some Hobbs socks from my nan which I love getting because they’re so soft.

Gameboy Advance

Two years ago my Gameboy Advance broke after having it for about ten years. I was absolutely devastated as I still loved playing Crash Bandicoot and Spyro. I have meaning to buy myself a new one every since however, I could never bring myself to do it. Dan decided to buy me a new one for Christmas and I LOVE IT! It was such a thoughtful gift and he included The Incredibles which I have never played before. I just need to find my old game cartridges now.


Every year, my mum puts together a stocking that “Santa” leaves in my room. She fills the stocking up with little bits that I will love and use throughout the year. This year, I got chocolates, a couple of DVDs (Chicago and The King and I), razers, cupcake cases, a cake tester, cotton wool pads, a biscuit recipe book, a mini version of The Logo Game, and a Lynx for her set (lol). In 2017, I really want to up my organisation game so my mum bought me a 2017 diary, a calendar, a desk planner and a massive notebook. I am so grateful for all of these bits as they are so thoughtful and will be well used. My brother knows that my favourite Game of Thrones character is Tyrion Lannister so he bought me a book called ‘The Wit and Wisdom of Tyrion Lannister’ as well as a Lannister House notebook. I am so happy with these as they are so thoughtful and I already love them. From my nan, I received a Stella McCartney fragrance set and it smells so nice, I can’t wait to use it, as well as a Jack Wills body spray trio set. I also received perfume from my other nan and grandad which I am yet to smell but hopefully, it smells good.


I received money from my nan and uncle which I am very grateful for, especially during January sales. My dad also kindly paid my registration fee for my trip to Peru which I am sooooo grateful for as I wouldn’t be able to go otherwise.

I have been so spoilt and I am so grateful to every single person. I apologise if I have forgotten everything, it’s a few days after Christmas and I have things all over the place so I do apologise in advance. What did you get for Christmas? Let me know in the comments.

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